Yale Cordage Shark Byte Rope

Ropes used in the marine environment face a variety of threats, including harsh saltwater conditions, rough boat decks, sharp equipment, and more. One of the more dramatic threats that could harm a marine line is a fish bite. As the name indicates, the Shark Byte Rope has been developed specifically with this threat in mind. For a marine ready rope that is tough enough to stand up to even a razor-sharp shark bite, contact SEACO to place your order right away. We offer 8-plait and 12-strand single braid options.

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Shark Byte Rope Applications

  • Mooring line. With its inherent toughness working to your advantage, this is an excellent rope for mooring duty. 
  • Buoy lines. Shark Byte 12-stand rope is an excellent choice for DART buoys and other buoys. 
  • General marine duty. There are nearly endless uses for ropes on a boat or dock, so having plenty of reliable marine rope on hand is important. The composite construction of this rope allows it to perform nicely even when facing tough conditions in or near the water. 

Features of Shark Byte 8 Rope

  • Sinking or Neutrally Buoyant. If you need a tough marine line that will sink into the water rather than sitting on top, consider the Shark Byte 8-plait rope. For a neutrally buoyant, consider the Shark Byte 12-strand rope.
  • Resist Fish & Shark Bites. Sharks have many razor-sharp teeth than can easily damage most ropes. If you will be working in shark frequented waters, Shark Byte rope is a must.
  • Easy to Splice. Marine workers often need to splice ropes for various applications. This rope remains incredibly strong even when spliced.
  • Superior strength. As you might expect from such a tough rope, this product delivers outstanding strength. The average break strength rating on the 1 1/8’’ diameter version of the 12-strand rope is 48,000 pounds, and 29,772 pounds for the 8-plait rope.