An exceptional manufacturer & distributor
of rope, twine & industrial supplies

Great White® Brand

Seaco Industries, the proud manufacturer of the GREAT WHITE® brand of rope, was born out of the Entertainment Industry. With no brand dedicated to the movie and television Industry, Seaco Industries created a line of products that have become the premier and “Go To” rope and cordage for the industry. From sash cord and tie line to manila rope and our trademarked Multistrand™ Rigging Rope, movie crews from New York to Hollywood film sets count and rely on our high quality and professional rigging products.

Products for All Industries

From there, we worked on bringing the same high-quality products to Construction, Infrastructure, Rigging, Marine, Trucking, Utility, Arborists, Food Processors, Restaurants, Outdoor Enthusiasts and of course to you.

Seaco Industries is also the only North American distributor of the Italian Ruby™ Spring Twine, the highest quality Egyptian flax twine, hand made in Italy and used in the manufacturing of only the finest furniture and crafts made here in the USA!

Manufactured In-House

“A day in the life” of our very own test kitchen! Yes, it’s true. Unlike other brands, we manufacture and distribute our GREAT WHITE™ rope in house, here in America! Other rope and twine products are sourced the world over and must live up to our GREAT WHITE™ name in every way.

Premium Materials & Construction

We meticulously study, research, and analyze the raw materials that go into our products. After production, our specially trained rope experts inspect each product to ensure that the quality, weight, strength, length, diameter and color are all on target for our GREAT WHITE™ seal of approval, before our perfectly packaged rope reaches your hands.

This takes the guess work out of what you get when you order from GREAT WHITE™. All of our products are manufactured to the highest level of quality with the finest materials. GREAT WHITE™ is a brand that was created to separate “Run of the mill” brands, brands that do not live up to our standards. From mason line to manila rope, yellow poly pro to our signature line of premium made in USA sash cord—including BLUTRACE™—our products always deliver. Let us know what you think about our products. We would love to hear from you. Happy Roping!