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SEACO Industries is proud to offer instant on-demand inventory on a variety of Yale Cordage rope products, to ship out same day nationwide. As rope manufacturers, we know that Yale’s commitment to the highest caliber synthetic cable and rope technology is unprecedented. Specializing in state-of-the-art synthetic materials, Yale Cordage has always embraced the latest in new fiber technologies. Learn more below, and contact us today to place your order.

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Yale Cordage Products

One of the advantages of working with Yale Cordage is the brand’s extensive product catalog. No matter your needs, it’s likely that Yale has a product available that will suit your demands perfectly. SEACO is proud to offer Yale Cordage rope products in the following categories:

Yale Plaited 8-Strand Rope

Featuring eight strands woven together tightly, this rope delivers excellent energy absorption and resistance to rotation.

  • Oceanographer’s Brait
  • Nylon Brait
  • Large Braits
  • Unitrex XS-8
  • Hy-Dee Brait
  • Shark Byte 8

Yale Single Braid Rope

A hollow rope, this type of product is easy to splice together, making it a versatile option for specific applications.

  • Shark Byte 12 Strand
  • Ultrex
  • SP-12 Strand
  • Maxibraid
  • Vectrus
  • Aracom 100
  • Yalex
  • Optimus
  • PE 12 Strand
  • Pilot Line
  • Phantom 12 Strand
  • PolyPlus Braid
  • Lugger Line

Yale Double Braid Rope

A cord of single-braided rope is over-braided with a sleeve to produce this product. Double braid rope is extremely durable thanks to the protection that the outer layer provides to the inner core. 

  • Crystalyne
  • Mega Max
  • Ultrex Plus
  • Maxibraid Plus
  • Aracom T
  • Aracom Miniline
  • Double Esterlon
  • Portland Braid
  • Polydyne
  • Yalon
  • Kernmaster
  • Tech-Kern

Yale Parallel Core Rope

Another rope type that includes a core, this version uses parallel yarns in the core to maximize fiber-strength efficiency. With a low twist level, these products feature an extremely high fiber-strength efficiency.

  • Unline
  • Ultrex


With continuously newly developed products, Yale Cordage and Seaco Industries have you covered in:

  • Rigging & Offshore
  • Construction & Mining
  • Electrical Utilities & Heavy Lift
  • Arboriculture & Pleasure Marine 
  • Industrial & Entertainment
  • Government & Military

Why Choose Yale Cordage?

  • Deep Experience. Yale Cordage has been delivering quality rope products since 1950.
  • Product Quality. Yale is widely recognized as one of the top rope manufacturers, providing exceptional rope with durable materials, industry-recognized coatings and superior wear resistance.
  • Innovation. Yale continues to release new products, creating state-of-the-art rope products with the latest fiber technologies and synthetic materials.

Superior Synthetic Materials

Yale Cordage offers superior rope products with a full range of state-of-the-art synthetic materials, including:

MaterialStrength Scale
Specific Gravity
Weight Scale
Average Water Absorption
% @65% RH
Melting Point
°F (©)
Elastic Elongation Scale1-5
Nylon (NY) (240)5
Polyester (PET) (255)3
Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) (165)4
Co-Polymer (PP/PE) (165)3
HMPE* (Spectra™, Dyneema™)4.836.00.971.30.0300 (150)1
Aramid (Technora, Twaron, Kevlar)3.828.01.444.84.0**900 (500)2
Vectran (LCP)3.928.01.404.40.0625 (330)1
Zylon PBO5.045.01.565.01.3***1200 (650)1

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