Yale Cordage Oceanographer’s Brait

Nylon rope is excellent for use in marine environments. This material has all of the traits you would want in a marine rope, but not all nylon rope products are created equal. For a reliable nylon rope from one of the leading names in the business, order Yale Cordage Oceanographer’s Brait from SEACO today. If you have any questions about this durable product, please contact us today for assistance.

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Oceanographer’s Brait Applications

  • Mooring. This is an excellent rope for mooring duty, as it combines strength with the ability to absorb energy. 
  • Use across the deck. Is the deck of your boat in rough shape? The imperfections could be a problem with lesser ropes, but Oceanographer’s Brait from Yale Cordage will stand up nicely to rough deck conditions. 
  • Anchor lines. Another common use for nylon rope in a marine environment is for moving anchors up and down from the boat. 

Features of Oceanographer’s Brait

  • Excellent energy-absorption. This rope is resistant to breaking because of the way it takes up energy and distributes it throughout the line. 
  • No shrinkage. Thanks to an eight-hour steam treatment in the production process, you aren’t going to deal with any shrinking once you put your rope to work in the real world. 
  • Pre-stretch. Oceanographer’s Brait can be stretched before it is delivered so you won’t have to worry about any unpredictable elongation out in the field. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Yale Cordage Oceanographer’s Brait in the world. For questions about Yale Cordage Oceanographer’s Brait or any of our premium products, call or email us today.