Galvanized Wire Rope

Galvanized Wire Center Rope

A traditional rope is not always the right choice when using pulleys. Although the rope needs to be flexible enough to loop around the pulley, it also needs to be strong enough to hold its shape. If the rope flattens too much as it goes around the pulley, it may lose strength and become vulnerable. Our galvanized wire center rope gets around this problem by featuring a strong galvanized aircraft quality wire center that will help the rope remain round. The galvanized wire is also corrosion resistant. To see for yourself what our wire rope can accomplish, place your order today.
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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White-Nylon3/16”1,000ft. spool126#920WCR 100
White-Nylon1/4”500ft. spool118#920WCR 101
White-Nylon1/4”1,000ft. spool136#920WCR 102
White-Nylon5/16”500ft. spool123#920WCR 103
White-Nylon5/16”1,000ft. spool146#920WCR 104
White-Nylon3/8”500ft. spool129#920WCR 105
White-Nylon3/8”1,000ft. spool161#920WCR 106
White-Cotton5/16”1,000ft. spool138#920WCR 107
White-Cotton1/2”1,000ft. spool160#920WCR 108

Wire Rope Applications

  • Flagpoles. The rope used to run a flag up a pole is going to need to loop around a pulley. This galvanized wire rope is the perfect choice for the job, when extra strength is required.
  • Curtain Pulls. On a large performing stage, the curtain can be quite heavy. It’s important to use a strong rope that is going to hold its shape show after show. Opt for a product with a wire core.

Benefits of Wire Rope

  • Compact Strength. When you need a significant amount of pulling strength but only have a small space for the rope, wire center rope can get the job done. These ropes have an impressive strength rating of 920 pounds, even with a diameter as small as 3/16”.
  • Retains Shape. Even if you had a small diameter traditional rope with enough strength to meet your needs, that rope might not be able to hold its round shape under load without a wire center.

*Custom Colors available. Polyester & Polypropylene available.

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