Yale Cordage Yalon Rope

Nylon is a popular rope material for good reason. It is adept at soaking up sudden loads, and it also resists abrasion nicely. For a quality all-around nylon rope from a trusted manufacturer like Yale Cordage, look to Yalon. This double-braided line utilizes nylon for both the core and the sleeve of the rope. Whether for a specific application or simply to stock up on quality nylon rope for future needs, reach out to SEACO to place your order today.

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Yalon Applications

  • Marine work. Nylon ropes are closely associated with boating. For mooring lines and many other purposes, Yalon is an ideal choice. 
  • General industrial. Many of Yalon’s features are desirable for industrial work, such as abrasion resistance and energy absorption. 
  • Farming. The comfortable in-hand feel of this rope along with its significant strength makes it a nice pick for farming and ranching duties. 

Features of Yalon

  • Many sizes. There is likely to be a Yalon diameter available to serve your needs, as the product line ranges from ¼’’ all the way up to 2 ¼’’. 
  • Easy to splice. This rope is great to work with, thanks to a construction that is easy to splice using standard techniques. 
  • Add protection. If your use for Yalon will be in a particularly abrasive environment, consider adding a Maxijacket coating to make the line even tougher.