Yale Cordage Vectrus

Vectrus single-braid rope is one of the most impressive products offered in the entire Yale Cordage lineup. For demanding work that requires a rope that simply won’t give in to the pressure, Vectrus should be considered. There are 18 diameters of Vectrus available, ranging from 1/16’’ all the way up to 1-5/8’’. At its thickest, Vectrus can deliver an incredible 220,500 pounds of minimum spliced break strength. To place your order, please contact SEACO right away.

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Vectrus Applications

  • Mooring. With tremendous strength and no tendency to creep, Vectrus is a strong option as a mooring line for heavy vessels. 
  • Winch line. When looking for a winch line, you need something that is both strong and able to be coiled relatively tightly around the winch. Some high-modulus fibers struggle when coiled in this way, but Vectrus is up to the challenge. 
  • Industrial applications. The performance profile of Vectrus includes an ability to handle hot temperatures, significant abrasion resistance, and virtually no stretch. These characteristics make this rope an appealing option for many different industrial applications.  

Features of Vectrus

  • No creep. Vectrus will hold its shape firmly even when under extreme pressure, thanks to the use of 100% Vectran™ Liquid Crystal Polymer in the rope’s construction. This kind of stability is not required for many rope tasks, but it’s important to have the right product on hand when it is. 
  • Repeated stress. With incredible strength and durability, Vectrus can take on heavy loads and can bear those loads repeatedly over time while maintaining performance. 
  • High melt point. Traditionally, hot applications have required the use of wire rope to make sure the melting point was not surpassed. However, Vectrus has a melt point rating of 620*F, meaning it can be used in a range of hot settings without any trouble.