Yale Cordage Unitrex XS-8

Unitrex is a popular product in the Yale Cordage lineup, as it is a strong synthetic rope suited for use in a variety of industries. With Unitrex XS-8, Yale Cordage has taken eight individual ropes of Unitrex and combined them into a plaited cable that delivers extreme strength. SEACO is proud to offer this and many other Yale Cordage products, so reach out today to learn more about which option may be best for your needs.

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Unitrex XS-8 Applications

  • Industrial duty. This versatile rope is a great choice for a wide range of industrial tasks where a combination of strength and overall toughness is required. 
  • Boating jobs. Ropes and cables play an essential role in the marine industry as a whole. In addition to the other traditional rope products you use both on the water and on docks, you may have a need for a strong plaited cable, like Unitrex XS-8. 

Features of Unitrex XS-8

  • Impressive strength. Perhaps the top selling point of this cable is its strength, which is quite significant. The thickest Unitrex XS-8 measures 4-3/4’’ in diameter and offers a Minimum Spliced Break Strength of over 1 million pounds!
  • Lightweight cable. One of the features that makes Unitrex XS-8 so easy to use is the light weight of the product. For instance, a 100-foot section of this cable in the 1 ½” diameter thickness only weighs 52 pounds. 
  • Durable. Even some strong ropes and cables are prone to damage from abrasion, but Unitrex XS-8 holds up well. A polyester jacket that is saturated with urethane and then cured leaves the exterior of this cable extremely tough and ready to stand up to the toughest jobs.