Yale Cordage Ultrex Plus Rope

Few double braid ropes live up to the strength and performance standards set by Yale Cordage Ultrex Plus. Featuring a UHMWPE core and a high-tenacity polyester sleeve, this rope can stand up to harsh conditions while delivering incredible strength. Offered in 17 different diameters, you should have little trouble finding the Ultrex Plus model that is right for your requirements. Reach out to SEACO today to ask any questions or to place your order.

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All Stock Colors1/4"600ft. spool1144#6,000ULTP 100
All Stock Colors5/16"600ft. spool118#9,500ULTP 101
All Stock Colors3/8"600ft. spool123#12,700ULTP 102
All Stock Colors7/16"600ft. spool130#15,300ULTP 103
All Stock Colors1/2"600ft. spool144#22,000ULTP 104
All Stock Colors9/16"600ft. spool155#28,000ULTP 105
All Stock Colors5/8"600ft. spool170#34,000ULTP 106
All Stock Colors3/4"600ft. spool185#45,000ULTP 107
All Stock Colors7/8"600ft. spool1138#63,000ULTP 108
All Stock Colors1"600ft. spool1156#75,000ULTP 109
All Stock Colors1-1/8"600ft. spool1215#100,000ULTP 110
All Stock Colors1-1/4"600ft. spool1261#120,000ULTP 111
All Stock Colors1-5/16"600ft. spool1275#148,000ULTP 112
All Stock Colors1-1/2"600ft. spool1368#172,000ULTP 113
All Stock Colors1-5/8"600ft. spool1430#184,000ULTP 114
All Stock Colors1-3/4"600ft. spool1515#230,000ULTP 115
All Stock Colors2"600ft. spool1652#285,000ULTP 116

Ultrex Plus Rope Applications

  • Marine work. Double braid ropes are often put to use in marine environments, and Ultrex Plus delivers exactly the right combination of performance characteristics to be used in and around the water. 
  • Pulling with a winch. The minimum stretch of Ultrex Plus allows it to work nicely when used in a winch. 
  • Guy lines. The minimal stretch of this product again comes in handy here. Also, the ability to perform reliably in harsh conditions is important for many guy line scenarios. 

Features of Ultrex Plus Rope

  • Simple splicing. This rope can be spliced effectively using various techniques while still maintaining significant strength. 
  • Extreme strength. When using the thickest available version of this rope—2’’ diameter line—the Minimum Spliced Break Strength is measured at over 250,000 pounds. 
  • Maxijacket coating. As with many of the other ropes in the Yale Cordage line, a Maxijacket coating is used to treat the inner UHMWPE core of Ultrex Plus. That coating helps lend significant toughness and durability to the product.