Yale Cordage SP-12 Strand Rope

UHMWPE rope is an appropriate choice in many applications, but such ropes can come at a high price point compared to ropes made with other fibers. The SP-12 Strand Rope from Yale Cordage strikes a nice balance between the performance of UHMWPE and the lower cost of some alternatives. A combination of UHMWPE and polyester is used to create this rope, and it can be ordered in a variety of coating colors. Contact SEACO today to learn more or to place an order.

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SP-12 Strand Rope Applications

  • Long length pulling equipment. This rope is particularly well-suited for pulling machinery, making it worthy of your attention if that application is on the horizon. 
  • Water work. UHMWPE and polyester are both commonly used in and around the water, so this product is a strong contender for doing tough work in a marine setting. 
  • General industrial tasks. With a minimum spliced break strength of nearly 65,000 pounds in the 7/8’’ diameter rope, this line can handle a lot of stress in an industrial setting. 

Features of SP-12 Strand Rope

  • Minimal elongation. When your needs call for a rope that isn’t going to stretch much when under load, consider using SP-12 to get the job done. 
  • Affordable price. 100% UHMWPE rope can be rather costly, and it might not be necessary for your project. Yale Cordage SP-12 rope brings the price down while still giving you many of the same performance advantages. 
  • Five diameters available. Yale Cordage offers five sizes for this rope—from 3/8’’ to 7/8’’—allowing you to pick the version that will meet your strength requirements and work with your equipment.