Yale Cordage Portland Braid

Those who like the performance characteristics offered by Yale Cordage’s premium Double Esterlon product will also be impressed by what is offered with the Portland Braid. The modest price point also makes it a great pick when budgets are tight but reliable performance cannot be sacrificed. This line is a double-braided polyester rope, and like Double Esterlon, it can also be ordered with a Maxijacket coating. SEACO is ready to fill your order for this excellent product today!

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Portland Braid Applications

  • Mooring line. In the right diameter, this rope can offer the strength and low stretch needed for a mooring line. And, since it’s made of polyester, you can trust it to perform well around the water. 
  • Winching. The minimal stretch of this rope is perfect for winching duty, and this rope offers impressive strength as well. A 2 5/8’’ Portland Braid line has an average spliced break strength of 210,000 pounds. 
  • General industrial applications. Strong, durable, flexible ropes that are easy to use are not that easy to find, which is why Yale Cordage Portland Braid is such a popular pick for industrial work. 

Features of Portland Braid

  • Maxijacket coating available. This option adds a coating of urethane to the outside of the rope, adding a significant amount of wear resistance to the finished product. 
  • Long lengths available. If your application calls for a particularly long length of rope, that won’t be a problem when you select Portland Braid. 
  • Great price. You are sure to be impressed with the quality and durability of this rope—not to mention its affordable price tag.