Yale Cordage PolyPlus Braid Rope

At SEACO, we are proud to be a distributor of Yale Cordage products, because of the quality and innovation they bring to the market. Featuring a state-of-the-art Aralube treatment for superior abrasion resistance, Yale Cordage PolyPlus Braid Rope is one of the toughest ropes around. For high-abrasion environments that require an affordable but durable line, you’ll be pleased with what PolyPlus Braid has to offer. Contact SEACO today to place your order!

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All Stock Colors1/4"600ft. spool19#2,300PPB 100
All Stock Colors3/8"600ft. spool121#4,500PPB 101
All Stock Colors7/16"600ft. spool127#6,000PPB 102
All Stock Colors1/2"600ft. spool138#8,500PPB 103
All Stock Colors9/16"600ft. spool143#10,250PPB 104
All Stock Colors5/8"600ft. spool160#12,000PPB 105
All Stock Colors3/4"600ft. spool180#17,000PPB 106

PolyPlus Braid Rope Applications

  • Hand line. Some ropes are not well suited to hand line duty, but the feel of this product and its modest weight make it a great choice for hand use. 
  • Tow rope. Reliable tow rope should deliver excellent strength-to-weight performance, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. 
  • Marine uses. A 12-strand single-braid rope made with high-tenacity polyester plied over polyolefin, this line is a natural fit for boating duties.

Features of PolyPlus Braid Rope

  • Abrasion resistance. With Yale’s exclusive Aralube treatment, toughness is one of the key features of this product. Keep this product in mind if you know your rope is going to face harsh conditions regularly. 
  • Easy to splice. If your application will call for frequent splicing, you’ll have little trouble completing that work with PolyPlus Braid Rope, which will maintain significant strength even when spliced.
  • Affordable. Tough ropes are often quite costly, but Yale Cordage has managed to develop a rugged line that remains affordable for many buyers.