Yale Cordage Polydyne Rope

Using two different materials to construct a rope is a powerful way to bring together multiple performance characteristics. That’s the approach used by Yale Cordage Polydyne Rope, which is a product that features a nylon core and a polyester sleeve. This line delivers significant strength and plenty of stretch, which is a powerful combination. Contact SEACO today to learn more or to place your order.

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Polydyne Applications

  • Marine applications. Mooring lines need to be strong and durable, and a little stretch can allow them to absorb energy without doing damage to the vessel. 
  • Commercial tasks. Plenty of rugged industrial applications can be handled through the use of Polydyne, and there are 14 sizes available to fill a variety of demands. 
  • Rigging work. The ability to absorb energy can be crucial in rigging applications, so this is another area where Polydyne can shine. 

Features of Polydyne

  • Durability. By using polyester for the sleeve of this double-braided rope, Yale has created a product that can take abuse day after day. 
  • Significant breaking strength. In the largest available diameter (1 1/2’’), Polydyne has an Average Spliced Break Strength of 90,000 pounds. 
  • Useful stretch characteristics. Stretch is not always a positive attribute in a rope, but Polydyne is a great pick when stretch is needed without sacrificing strength.