Yale Cordage Phantom-12

Quality rigging rope can be hard to find. From overall strength to comfort in hand, rigging rope needs to check many boxes without falling short in any one area. Yale Cordage Phantom 12-Strand Rope has been designed as an all-around performer in the rigging niche. Thanks to its ample strength, a soft feel, and ease of splicing, Phantom-12 is a great choice for most rigging applications. Four diameters are available, from 3/8’’ to 5/8’’, and several colors are offered. Place your order with SEACO today, and experience the difference!

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Phantom-12 Applications

  • Set rigging. Performance venues make heavy use of rigging lines to bring their events to life. Yale Cordage Phantom 12-Strand Rope is one of the best options available for this use. 
  • Stadium rigging. Stadium events often utilize rigging lines similar to theaters, only on a larger scale. Thicker versions of Phantom-12 should deliver the strength required for these large productions. 

Features of Phantom-12

  • Great feel. Igrip fiber is wrapped around the Technora filament used for the core of the rope, allowing Phantom-12 to deliver an excellent hand feel for those who are working with it all day long. 
  • Effective in a winch. The surface of this rope grabs onto the winch firmly, allowing you to control the process from start to finish when moving a load. 
  • Holds knots. Tying knots is a natural part of rigging work. This line is capable of holding those knots even when a significant load is in place.