Yale Cordage Optimus Rope

With a name like Optimus, you’d expect this single-braid 12-strand rope from Yale Cordage to be tough, and it certainly is. Not only is this rope durable in challenging conditions, but it also comes in bright colors for clear visibility. Plus, with five diameters available, you can easily select the version that meets your strength requirements. SEACO is happy to offer our customers Optimus Rope from Yale Cordage, along with the rest of the products in the Yale collection. We look forward to receiving your order!

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Optimus Rope Applications

  • Rigging. Only the best ropes can be trusted for important rigging work, and Optimus belongs in that category. This rope’s ability to withstand abrasion is particularly important when used as rigging line. 
  • Marine work. Polyester rope is commonly used around the water, because it can handle many different tasks while resisting damage from harsh, wet conditions. 
  • Winching. When selected in the right diameter for the equipment being used and the strength required, this rope is a strong option for winch duty. 

Features of Optimus Rope

  • Lightweight. For such a strong rope, you’ll be happy with the lightweight nature of this product, making it easy to work with all day long. 
  • Visibility. The bright colors available will last for the life of the product, allowing for quick identification and easy visibility in a variety of settings. 
  • Suitable for splicing. Plan to splice your new rope regularly so you can adapt it to many different tasks? That won’t be a problem when you choose Optimus rope, as it will remain incredibly strong even when spliced.