Yale Cordage Maxibraid Plus Rope

In a double braid rope, the thickness of the two layers has a lot to do with the performance of the finished product. With Maxibraid Plus, Yale Cordage has increased the thickness of the outer layer, which is a sleeve made of polyester. That outer sleeve, combined with a UHMWPE core, creates a rope that can stand up to abrasive surfaces while delivering significant strength and minimal elongation. If Maxibraid Plus is the right rope option for your applications, reach out to SEACO today to place your order.

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All Stock Colors1/4"600ft. spool115#5,400MXPL 100
All Stock Colors5/16"600ft. spool119#9,300MXPL 101
All Stock Colors3/8"600ft. spool125#12,500MXPL 102
All Stock Colors7/16"600ft. spool135#15,000MXPL 103
All Stock Colors1/2"600ft. spool145#21,000MXPL 104
All Stock Colors9/16"600ft. spool155#28,000MXPL 105
All Stock Colors5/8"600ft. spool170#34,000MXPL 106
All Stock Colors3/4"600ft. spool188#44,000MXPL 107
All Stock Colors13/16"600ft. spool1105#48,000MXPL 108
All Stock Colors7/8"600ft. spool1138#63,000MXPL 109
All Stock Colors1"600ft. spool1165#75,000MXPL 110
All Stock Colors1-1/8"600ft. spool1215#100,000MXPL 111
All Stock Colors1-1/4"600ft. spool1230#112,000MXPL 112
All Stock Colors1-5/16"600ft. spool1275#123,000MXPL 113
All Stock Colors1-1/2"600ft. spool1335#160,000MXPL 114
All Stock Colors1-5/8"600ft. spool1435#170,000MXPL 115
All Stock Colors1-3/4"600ft. spool1500#214,000MXPL 116

Maxibraid Plus Rope Applications

  • Electrical utility work. It takes a rope designed specifically for electrical utility tasks to keep workers safe and get the job done in a timely manner. 
  • Yachting. Having the right ropes on board can make or break a day out on the water. Maxibraid Plus offers the strength, minimal stretch, and buoyant nature to deal with a marine setting effectively. 
  • General industrial. Plants and factories of all types require durable, tough ropes on a daily basis. Compare your required specs to what is offered by Maxibraid Plus to see if this line is right for your facility. 

Features of Maxibraid Plus Rope

  • Strong, even when spliced. It can be hard to splice thicker ropes, but Yale Cordage has created a specific splice technique to use with Maxibraid Plus and other large lines. Plus, the rope maintains significant strength, even when spliced.
  • Thicker sleeve. If you have previously used or considered Ultrex Plus but found the polyester sleeve to be too thin for your needs, Maxibraid Plus addresses that issue. The thicker sleeve of this rope is boosts abrasion resistance, which is crucial when using ropes in difficult environments. 
  • Wide range of diameters. You can order Maxibraid Plus in diameters from 1/4’’ up to 1 3/4’’, with a total of 17 sizes available. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Maxibraid Plus, Yale Cordage in the world. For questions about Maxibraid Plus, Yale Cordage or any of our premium products, call or email us today.