Yale Cordage Maxibraid 12-Strand Rope

When shopping for UHMWPE rope, you have a variety of options. Given the high-performance nature of these ropes, you’ll want to select a version that is offered by a trusted name in the industry, such as Yale Cordage. Yale Cordage Maxibraid 12-strand rope offers all of the performance characteristics you would expect to find in a high-quality UHMWPE line. Reach out to SEACO today to learn more, or to place your order. We look forward to serving you!

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All Stock Colors1/8"600ft. spool13#1,800MAX 100
All Stock Colors5/32"600ft. spool15#2,700MAX 101
All Stock Colors3/16"600ft. spool17#4,300MAX 102
All Stock Colors1/4"600ft. spool110#6,600MAX 103
All Stock Colors5/16"600ft. spool115#9,800MAX 104
All Stock Colors3/8"600ft. spool122#14,300MAX 105
All Stock Colors7/16"600ft. spool125#18,000MAX 106
All Stock Colors1/2"600ft. spool140#26,500MAX 107
All Stock Colors9/16"600ft. spool146#32,000MAX 108
All Stock Colors5/8"600ft. spool156#39,500MAX 109
All Stock Colors3/4"600ft. spool178#49,000MAX 110
All Stock Colors7/8"600ft. spool1105#69,000MAX 111
All Stock Colors1"600ft. spool1128#82,000MAX 112
All Stock Colors1-1/8"600ft. spool1160#108,000MAX 113
All Stock Colors1-1/4"600ft. spool1210#120,000MAX 114
All Stock Colors1-5/16"600ft. spool1240#130,000MAX 115
All Stock Colors1-1/2"600ft. spool1275#156,000MAX 116
All Stock Colors1-3/4"600ft. spool1425#230,000MAX 117
All Stock Colors2"600ft. spool1500#250,000MAX 118

Maxibraid 12-Strand Rope Applications

  • Sailing. The high strength-to-weight ratio and low weight of these ropes makes them excellent for sailing purposes, especially for racing. Plus, the rope floats, making it great for any marine application.
  • Winch line. With high strength and very little stretch in the line, Maxibraid 12-Strand Rope can work nicely as a winch line. 
  • General industrial use. It’s hard to find a rope that delivers significant strength while remaining lightweight, but that’s exactly what is offered by Maxibraid. That combination makes this an appealing rope for many different kinds of industrial work. 

Features of Maxibraid 12-Strand Rope

  • Low stretch. Stretch is a desirable rope characteristic in some applications, but it can be problematic in others. Maxibraid is a great pick when you want to keep stretch to a minimum. 
  • Varied colors available. This rope is available in various Maxijacket colors, helping you organize your ropes and quickly identify each. 
  • Long-lasting performance. The same Maxijacket coating that brings different colors to the rope can also lock out any contaminants that may degrade the fibers. This rope is strong and has high resistance to abrasion, so you can rest assured it will be ready for the long haul.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Yale Cordage Maxibraid 12-strand rope in the world. For questions about Yale Cordage Maxibraid 12-strand rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.