Yale Cordage Large Brait Rope

Not all rope manufacturers are capable of producing large plaited ropes. With the right equipment on hand, Yale Cordage is able to offer ropes in this product category up to 5’’ in thickness. Yale Cordage Large Brait Rope offers significant strength along with plenty of other desirable performance characteristics. To learn more about Yale Cordage Large Brait Rope, or to place your order, please contact SEACO today for assistance.

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Large Brait Rope Products

Three different types of ropes are available in this category, so you can choose the material that best suits your project:

  • Large Nylon Brait. Available in dimensions ranging from 2-5 inches.
  • Large Polyester Brait. Available in dimensions ranging from 2-5 inches.
  • Large UHWMPE Brait. Available in dimensions ranging from 2-4 inches.

Large Brait Rope Applications

  • Great for marine use. If you opt for the UHMWPE version of the large brait rope, you’ll have a product that can withstand the unique challenges presented by working in and around the water. 
  • Heavy-duty towing jobs. A nylon rope is a great choice when you need to pull or tow, and these extra-thick large brait ropes have the strength rating required to take on large jobs safely. 
  • Barriers or pathways. The prominent profile of thick rope makes it well-suited for applications where it will be used to control the movement of people. 

Features of Large Brait Rope

  • Minimal stretch. For a strong rope that will not elongate significantly under load, turn to the UHMWPE option in the Yale Large Brait Rope collection. 
  • Simple splicing. If the job you have in mind for these ropes will require splicing sections together, Nylon, Polyester or UHMWPE large brait rope will be suitable, with UHMWPE offering the highest average spliced break strength. 
  • Incredible strength. There is no substitute for sufficient strength when trying to complete a job safely. Review the strength ratings for any specific rope you are considering to confirm that it meets your demands. Yale Large Brait Rope products have a maximum working load ranging from 20,200 lbs to 240,000 pounds.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Yale Cordage Large Brait Rope in the world. For questions about Yale Cordage Large Brait Rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.