Yale Adjustable Slings

Seaco Industries stock an extensive selection
of Yale adjustable slings. Adjustable slings easily
replace a variety of different slings, accommodating different-sized loads. Indefinitely adjustable and 
priced right, Yalex slings are available in 

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Yalex Adjustable Single Leg Slings

ColorDia. & Adj. LengthVertical (lbs.)PackChoker (lbs.)Basket (lbs.)
Orange3/8" (20"-36")1,05668452,112
Orange1/2" (27"-48")2,39461,9154,787
Orange1/2" (27"-60")2,39461,9154,787
Orange1/2" (27"-72")2,39461,9154,787
Orange5/8" (32"-48")3,25662,6056,512
Orange5/8" (32"-60")3,25662,6056,512
Orange5/8" (32"-96")3,25642,6056,512
Orange5/8" (32"-144")3,25642,6056,512
Orange5/8" (36"-48")3,25662,6056,512
Orange3/4" (38"-72")4,22443,3978,448
Orange3/4" (38"-96")4,22423,3978,448
Orange1" (51"-108")7,56826,05415,136
Black3/8" (20"-36")1,05668452,112
Black1/2" (27"-48")2,39461,9154,787
Black1/2" (27"-60")2,39461,9154,787
Black5/8" (32"-60")3,25662,6056,512
Black5/8" (32"-96")3,25642,6056,512
Black3/4" (38"-72")4,22443,3978,448
Black3/4" (38"-96")4,22423,3978,448
Black1" (51"-108")7,56826,05415,136

*All Sizes Above in Stock in Orange & Black.


Optimus Adjustable Double Leg Transformer Slings

ColorDia. & Adj. LengthVertical (lbs.)PackChoker (lbs.)Basket (lbs.)
Neon Yellow3/8" (20"-48")1,0556845675
Neon Green1/2" (26"-48")2,20061,7801,400
Orange5/8" (30"-48")3,20042,5602,100
Blue3/4" (37"-48")4,22543,3802,700
Green7/8" (43"-60")6,25065,0004,000
Green7/8" (48"-120")6,25065,0004,000

*Various Optimus Slings Above in Stock.


Yale Slings are available in a variety of
materials, styles, lengths & diameters including: 

  • Eye / Eye Slings
  • Endless Slings
  • Adjustable Slings
  • Double Leg Slings
  • 4-Leg Slings
  • Loups
  • Industrial Loups
  • Synthetic Shackles


As rope manufacturers, we know that Yale’s commitment to the
highest caliber synthetic cable and rope technology is unprecedented.  Specializing in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber, Dyneema®, Technora® Aramid, Vectran™ Liquid Crystal Polymer, High-Tenacity Polyester and Copolymer Olefins, Yale Cordage has always embraced the latest in new fiber technologies. With continuously newly developed products, Yale Cordage and Seaco Industries have you covered in:

  • Rigging & Offshore
  • Construction & Mining 
  • Electrical Utilities & Heavy Lift
  • Arboriculture & Pleasure Marine 
  • Industrial & Entertainment
  • Government & Military


As always, please feel free to email or call with all of your questions and concerns as we stock our shelves with Yale products.
Please visit our website for further information.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Yale adjustable slings in the world. For questions about Yale adjustable slings or any of our premium products, call or email us today.