Ultrex 12-Strand – UHMWPE

If you are looking for a quality UHMWPE rope to serve your daily needs, consider Ultrex rope from Yale Cordage. At SEACO, we are proud to be a supplier of Yale Cordage products, and Ultrex is a great example of the quality, durability, and performance that this brand delivers. Featuring 12-strand single braid UHMWPE construction, this product delivers impressive abrasion resistance, minimal stretch, and incredible strength. Contact SEACO today to learn more or to place your order.

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All Stock Colors1/16'600ft. spool11#800ULT 100
All Stock Colors1/8"600ft. spool12#2,200ULT 101
All Stock Colors5/32"600ft. spool13#3,400ULT 102
All Stock Colors3/16"600ft. spool16#6,000ULT 103
All Stock Colors1/4"600ft. spool111#10,000ULT 104
All Stock Colors5/16"600ft. spool115#13,500ULT 105
All Stock Colors3/8"600ft. spool121#20,000ULT 106
All Stock Colors7/16"600ft. spool128#25,700ULT 107
All Stock Colors1/2"600ft. spool138#37,400ULT 108
All Stock Colors9/16"600ft. spool145#45,000ULT 109
All Stock Colors5/8"600ft. spool154#53,000ULT 110
All Stock Colors3/4"600ft. spool175#75,000ULT 111
All Stock Colors7/8"600ft. spool1106#98,000ULT 112
All Stock Colors1"600ft. spool1128#120,000ULT 113
All Stock Colors1-1/8"600ft. spool1175#148,000ULT 114
All Stock Colors1-1/4"600ft. spool1220#172,000ULT 115
All Stock Colors1-5/16"600ft. spool1255#184,000ULT 116
All Stock Colors1-1/2"600ft. spool1345#230,000ULT 117
All Stock Colors1-5/8"600ft. spool1395#285,000ULT 118
All Stock Colors1-3/4"600ft. spool1475#330,000ULT 119
All Stock Colors2"600ft. spool1552#390,000ULT 120
All Stock Colors2-1/8"600ft. spool1625#430,000ULT 121
All Stock Colors2-1/4"600ft. spool1695#480,000ULT 122
All Stock Colors2-1/2"600ft. spool1835#530,000ULT 123
All Stock Colors2-5/8"600ft. spool1950#598,000ULT 124
All Stock Colors2-3/4"600ft. spool11,065#660,000ULT 125
All Stock Colors3"600ft. spool11,220#760,000ULT 126

Ultrex Rope Applications

  • Towing work. The combination of impressive strength and toughness in harsh conditions allows this product to be a suitable towing rope in many settings. 
  • Anchor line. You don’t want to leave your anchors down at the bottom, so trust a rope that is tough enough to bring them back up time after time while standing up to harsh marine environments. 
  • Mooring duty. Rest easy knowing your vessels are tied up properly by using this quality product for mooring tasks at the dock. 

Features of Ultrex Rope

  • Abrasion resistance. You don’t want rough surfaces taking away from the performance or durability of your ropes. For tough jobs, abrasion resistance is critical. Ultrex rope features a Maxijacket High Performance coating to make it extremely rugged, ready for the toughest of jobs. 
  • Won’t absorb water. This rope is a great choice for marine use, because it won’t take up any water while working on your boats or docks. 
  • Handles cold weather. Freezing temperatures won’t impact this rope’s flexibility, which is not the case for all lines. With this quality rope on hand, you can keep working no matter the weather.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Ultrex rope from Yale Cordage in the world. For questions about Ultrex rope from Yale Cordage or any of our premium products, call or email us today.