PE-12 12-Strand – Single Braid

PE-12 is a 12-Strand single braid Polyester rope, constructed of a single-end-per-carrier construction, which keeps the rope from flattening out in service and self centers in sheaves beautifully. It is easy to splice, and field repairs are easily accomplished. The PE-12 comes with Yale’s tough Maxijacket urethane coating, adding to its ruggedness. Available in unlimited lengths and a variety of colors.
PE-12 is torque free and is undamaged when rigging with swivels.

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All Stock Colors5/16”unlimited12.9 lbs./100ft.3,900PE12-100
All Stock Colors3/8”unlimited13.9 lbs./100ft.5,900PE12-101
All Stock Colors7/16”unlimited16.4 lbs./100ft.10,000PE12-102
All Stock Colors1/2”unlimited18.5 lbs./100ft.12,500PE12-103
All Stock Colors9/16”unlimited110.5 lbs./100ft.15,800PE12-104
All Stock Colors5/8”unlimited111.4 lbs./100ft.18,500PE12-105
All Stock Colors3/4”unlimited117.4 lbs./100ft.23,250PE12-106
All Stock Colors7/8”unlimited125.9 lbs./100ft.34,350PE12-107
All Stock Colors1”unlimited131.3 lbs./100ft.41,600PE12-108