PE-12 12-Strand – Single Braid

For a polyester single-braid rope that offers surprising strength in an affordable package, take a close look at the PE-12 Strand Rope from Yale Cordage. SEACO is happy to be a supplier of Yale Cordage products, including this rope that is available in many bright colors and unlimited lengths. To order this or any of the other great options in the Yale Cordage lineup, please contact us today for assistance.

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All Stock Colors5/16”unlimited12.9 lbs./100ft.3,900PE12-100
All Stock Colors3/8”unlimited13.9 lbs./100ft.5,900PE12-101
All Stock Colors7/16”unlimited16.4 lbs./100ft.10,000PE12-102
All Stock Colors1/2”unlimited18.5 lbs./100ft.12,500PE12-103
All Stock Colors9/16”unlimited110.5 lbs./100ft.15,800PE12-104
All Stock Colors5/8”unlimited111.4 lbs./100ft.18,500PE12-105
All Stock Colors3/4”unlimited117.4 lbs./100ft.23,250PE12-106
All Stock Colors7/8”unlimited125.9 lbs./100ft.34,350PE12-107
All Stock Colors1”unlimited131.3 lbs./100ft.41,600PE12-108

PE-12 Strand Rope Applications

  • Rigging. A strong, durable line is always a good pick when selecting rigging lines, so give this model close consideration.
  • Marine Work. Polyester ropes of all shapes and sizes tend to make their way around boats and docks, thanks to this material’s strong performance, even when wet. 
  • Pulleys. The lack of stretch in a polyester rope is a welcome characteristic when you need to select a line to use in your pulleys. 

Features of PE-12 Strand Rope

  • Strong for its size. Yale Cordage has re-engineered this product and has added significant strength to the rope in the process. At the 1-inch diameter size, this rope has an average spliced break strength in excess of 40,000 pounds. 
  • Abrasion resistant. This product features Yale Cordage’s tough Maxijacket urethane, offering superior abrasion resistance.
  • Holds its shape. If you’ve had trouble with other ropes flattening out, give PE-12 a try. It has been designed specifically to avoid this unwanted outcome. 
  • Strong when spliced. For those who use ropes on a daily basis, splicing is just part of the job. You want a rope that is easy to splice while maintaining its strength. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest PE-12 Strand Rope in the world. For questions about PE-12 Strand Rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.