Hy-Dee Brait Dielectric – 8-Strand

As a matter of safety, it’s important to use dielectric rope for certain kinds of work. This insulating rope does not conduct electricity efficiently, so the safety of workers can be dramatically improved. Yale Cordage offers a leading product in this space in the form of its Hy-Dee Brait Rope. SEACO is proud to offer Hy-Dee Brait Rope, along with many other quality products in the Yale Cordage line. Contact us today to place your order!

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Orange3/8"600ft. spool120#3,200HTD 100
Orange1/2"600ft. spool120#5,600HTD 101
Orange9/16"600ft. spool120#6,300HTD 102
Orange5/8"600ft. spool120#7,800HTD 103
Orange3/4"600ft. spool120#10,500HTD 104

Hy-Dee Brait Rope Applications

  • Working ropes on live lines. Working with live electrical lines is dangerous work. Using high quality dielectric rope is a big step toward improved safety. 
  • Rescue rope. The dangers of performing rescue work around any electrical equipment or machinery are obvious, as is the need for a trustworthy rope. 
  • Utility handwork. Using dielectric rope for utility work can help to keep workers as safe as possible, as the rope resists the transmission of electrical current. 

Features of Hy-Dee Brait Rope

  • Simple to splice. Utility work often requires splicing together sections of rope. That task can be handled with ease when using Hy-Dee Brait Rope, without sacrificing rope strength. 
  • Nubs on the surface. You don’t want to deal with slippery rope when working in a dangerous environment. The nubs on this rope make it easy to handle in a variety of conditions. 
  • Performance in wet conditions. Yale’s proprietary Aralube-dielectric treatment on this rope allows it to deliver excellent dielectric performance even when wet. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Hy-Dee Brait Rope in the world. For questions about Hy-Dee Brait Rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.