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Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest cotton/jute welt cord in the world. For questions about cotton/jute welt cord or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

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Poly Twine Applications

  • Electrical projects.  Poly pull line or pull twine is commonly used in electrical contractor applications. Used to pull wire cable, It is made to withstand the elements and slides easily through plastic conduit pipes. 
  • Craft projects. Poly twine is easy to work with and can quickly be tied into knots for various craft projects and other DIY activities. 
  • Recycling. Materials set for recycling often need to be bundled together. Our polypropylene twine is strong enough for this task.
  • Gardening. If you love to garden or you do landscaping work as a profession, having a spool of this twine on hand can help you move and tie up plants, bundle branches and even tie up your Christmas tree.

Benefits of Poly Twine

  • Pliable. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this product is how easily it can be formed into knots. Some twine materials make it hard to tie strong knots, but there will be no such trouble here. 
  • Strong for its size. Though this twine is thin, it also delivers impressive strength to handle jobs that might be too big for twine made from other materials. 
  • Feels good. Another problem with other twine materials is the way they can wear down your hands after a long day of work. This polypropylene material is comfortable on your hands and will allow you to work for hours. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Great White Brand of polypropylene blue & white poly-pull twine in the world. For questions about Great White Brand of polypropylene blue & white poly-pull twine or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

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Endless Web Slings

Endless Web slings are a continuous loop formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. They are extremely versatile as the design allows for rotation of bearing points, avoiding one constant bearing point and thereby increasing useful life. They are suitable for use with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.

Eye & Eye Web Slings

Eye and eye slings can be used in vertical, choker, and basket hitches; they offer extreme versatility. The design includes a flat loop eye on each end. Flat Eye, Eye and Eye nylon and polyester lifting slings used by crane and rigging customers around the world provide for the lowest profile eye available. Low profile eyes make sling removal easier when tight clearances are unavoidable.

Double Jacket Round Slings

Double Jacket Endless Round slings are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fiber, with the actual number of winds determining the capacity of the sling. The double polyester woven jacket protects the load-bearing windings from damage. Features include a strong grip on loads, easy handling and storage, a tighter choke with an easier release, risk reduction of back and hand injuries and reduced cost with less total rigging weight. Each sling has a tough, resilient tag for quick and easy identification and ratings. 

Cartec Alloy Sling Hooks for Synthetic Slings

Cartec quality is the result of comprehensive and rigorous controls at every stage of manufacturing. From design to prototyping, from the choice of raw materials to processing and finishes and laboratory testing. Crafted in Italy for over half a century, Cartec’s family tradition of high quality forging is known the world over. Cartec manufactures lifting hooks, sling fittings, and accessories to the highest specifications. Cartec combines technical innovation, quality, and durability for superior rigging and lifting products.

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UHMWPE Rope Applications

  • Anchor Rope. With so much strength packed into a low-stretch rope that is suitable for a marine environment, you have all the specifications needed for the perfect anchor line. 
  • Paragliding. It’s important to have a strong rope when paragliding well above the ground, but strength alone isn’t enough. This type of rope also delivers on flexibility, minimal weight, and thin diameters. 
  • Towing. Towing is another application where strength is essential. UHMWPE rope is an excellent choice for the task, as it is both incredibly strong and highly durable. 

Features of UHMWPE Rope

  • Incredibly Strong. When you think of strong ropes, you probably picture thick, heavy lines—but that’s not the case here. This is lightweight rope that comes in small diameters and can still deliver outstanding strength ratings. In fact, UHMWPE has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic or natural fiber!
  • Durable. This impressive rope will be strong the day it arrives, and it will remain strong for a long time to come, even when put to work regularly. 
  • Resistant to Cold. Some types of synthetic rope struggle to maintain their performance when the temperatures plummet, but UHMWPE rope is up to the challenge. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest UHMWPE rope in the world. For questions about UHMWPE rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

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Dyneema Rope Applications

  • Boating. With the ability to float and repel water, this Dyneema rope performs wonderfully in a variety of boating applications. 
  • Winching. Thanks to minimal stretch and lofty strength ratings, this rope is an excellent choice for winching duties. 
  • Arborists. Many arborists favor Dyneema rope for throw line applications, thanks to its impressive strength, low stretch, and high abrasion resistance. Rope used in arboriculture work is sure to face heavy loads while also being rubbed against rough surfaces regularly. You need a strong rope that can stand up to intense abrasion without becoming damaged and sacrificing performance. Dyneema can do just that.
  • Netting. Since this material has such a light overall weight and repels water rather than absorbing it, it’s excellent for creating nets that would become extremely heavy if made from other fibers. 

Features of Dyneema Rope

  • Withstands Harsh Conditions. This type of rope performs excellently when conditions are tough, dealing with wet and cold environments without any loss of performance. 
  • Buoyant. Part of the reason that these ropes are so popular in marine environments is that they float. 
  • Incredible Strength. If finding a strong rope is the top point on your shopping list, look no further. Review the strength ratings for various diameters to see just how much of a load this rope can take on. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest 12-Strand Dyneema Rope and Dyneema Double Braid Rope in the world. For questions about 12-Strand Dyneema Rope and Dyneema Double Braid Rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

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Yalon Applications

  • Marine work. Nylon ropes are closely associated with boating. For mooring lines and many other purposes, Yalon is an ideal choice. 
  • General industrial. Many of Yalon’s features are desirable for industrial work, such as abrasion resistance and energy absorption. 
  • Farming. The comfortable in-hand feel of this rope along with its significant strength makes it a nice pick for farming and ranching duties. 

Features of Yalon

  • Many sizes. There is likely to be a Yalon diameter available to serve your needs, as the product line ranges from ¼’’ all the way up to 2 ¼’’. 
  • Easy to splice. This rope is great to work with, thanks to a construction that is easy to splice using standard techniques. 
  • Add protection. If your use for Yalon will be in a particularly abrasive environment, consider adding a Maxijacket coating to make the line even tougher. 

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Polydyne Applications

  • Marine applications. Mooring lines need to be strong and durable, and a little stretch can allow them to absorb energy without doing damage to the vessel. 
  • Commercial tasks. Plenty of rugged industrial applications can be handled through the use of Polydyne, and there are 14 sizes available to fill a variety of demands. 
  • Rigging work. The ability to absorb energy can be crucial in rigging applications, so this is another area where Polydyne can shine. 

Features of Polydyne

  • Durability. By using polyester for the sleeve of this double-braided rope, Yale has created a product that can take abuse day after day. 
  • Significant breaking strength. In the largest available diameter (1 1/2’’), Polydyne has an Average Spliced Break Strength of 90,000 pounds. 
  • Useful stretch characteristics. Stretch is not always a positive attribute in a rope, but Polydyne is a great pick when stretch is needed without sacrificing strength. 

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Portland Braid Applications

  • Mooring line. In the right diameter, this rope can offer the strength and low stretch needed for a mooring line. And, since it’s made of polyester, you can trust it to perform well around the water. 
  • Winching. The minimal stretch of this rope is perfect for winching duty, and this rope offers impressive strength as well. A 2 5/8’’ Portland Braid line has an average spliced break strength of 210,000 pounds. 
  • General industrial applications. Strong, durable, flexible ropes that are easy to use are not that easy to find, which is why Yale Cordage Portland Braid is such a popular pick for industrial work. 

Features of Portland Braid

  • Maxijacket coating available. This option adds a coating of urethane to the outside of the rope, adding a significant amount of wear resistance to the finished product. 
  • Long lengths available. If your application calls for a particularly long length of rope, that won’t be a problem when you select Portland Braid. 
  • Great price. You are sure to be impressed with the quality and durability of this rope—not to mention its affordable price tag. 

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Double Esterlon Applications

  • Rigging line. The significant strength of this line is what makes it such a great pick as a rigging line, along with features like abrasion resistance and minimal stretch. 
  • Industrial uses. The rugged characteristics that this rope delivers are often desired in an industrial setting, so keeping this line on hand in a commercial facility is recommended. 
  • Marine applications. Polyester is famous for its ability to handle wet conditions successfully. 

Features of Double Esterlon

  • Impressive strength. The largest diameter of Double Esterlon available is 2’’, and the rope delivers an impressive minimum spliced break strength of 114,390 pounds at that thickness.
  • Tough in the field. This rope can take significant punishment without wearing down, especially when it is coated with Maxijacket urethane. 
  • Easy to splice. As a fully spliceable rope, Double Esterlon is versatile enough to serve your needs in a variety of settings. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Double Esterlon Polyester double braid rope in the world. For questions about Double Esterlon Polyester double braid rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

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Vectrus Applications

  • Mooring. With tremendous strength and no tendency to creep, Vectrus is a strong option as a mooring line for heavy vessels. 
  • Winch line. When looking for a winch line, you need something that is both strong and able to be coiled relatively tightly around the winch. Some high-modulus fibers struggle when coiled in this way, but Vectrus is up to the challenge. 
  • Industrial applications. The performance profile of Vectrus includes an ability to handle hot temperatures, significant abrasion resistance, and virtually no stretch. These characteristics make this rope an appealing option for many different industrial applications.  

Features of Vectrus

  • No creep. Vectrus will hold its shape firmly even when under extreme pressure, thanks to the use of 100% Vectran™ Liquid Crystal Polymer in the rope’s construction. This kind of stability is not required for many rope tasks, but it’s important to have the right product on hand when it is. 
  • Repeated stress. With incredible strength and durability, Vectrus can take on heavy loads and can bear those loads repeatedly over time while maintaining performance. 
  • High melt point. Traditionally, hot applications have required the use of wire rope to make sure the melting point was not surpassed. However, Vectrus has a melt point rating of 620*F, meaning it can be used in a range of hot settings without any trouble.