Nylon Seine Twine

Nylon seine twine is a versatile product available from #6 4,000-foot length up to #72 270-foot length tubes from SEACO. Our premium grade twisted nylon seine twine is made from 100% high quality nylon and our #72 Seine Twine in 270-foot tubes meets New York City Transit Authority specifications for cable tying. Order today to always have reliable twine on hand for a variety of jobs. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us right away.

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
WHITE#64,000ft. tube4850#44AIK 582
WHITE#92,150ft. tube4850#73AIK 583
WHITE#121,500ft. tube4850#86AIK 584
WHITE#151,400ft. tube4850#105AIK 585
WHITE#181,090ft. tube4850#160AIK 586
WHITE#21860ft. tube4850#168AIK 587
WHITE#24750ft. tube4850#212AIK 588
WHITE#30640ft. tube4850#239AIK 589
WHITE#36550ft. tube4850#279AIK 590
WHITE#48400ft. tube4850#396AIK 591
WHITE#60300ft. Tube4850#495AIK 592
White-NYCTA Specs.#72270ft. tube4850#600AIK 581

Nylon Seine Twine Applications

  • Mason line. Performing mason work requires the use of twine to establish a perfectly straight course from one end to another. Our white nylon seine twine is perfect for this task, as it is durable, low-stretch, and easy to see. 
  • Weaving. This type of twine is used frequently in weaving projects. It’s suitable to create quality rugs, because it can withstand tension without stretching out. 
  • Tying cables. Nylon twine is a sturdy cable tie that is easy to work with and offers the strength needed to hold together over time. 
  • Fishing lines and nets. Nylon twine is a strong and lightweight product used by fisherman in manufacturing and repairing valuable nets. 
  • Duck decoys. Hunters and trappers alike use our nylon seine twine to tie duck and foul decoys for the perfect catch.

Benefits of Nylon Seine Twine

  • Low stretch. Some other twine products stretch too much for certain applications. Avoid that problem by opting for our nylon seine twine instead. 
  • Outstanding strength. The tight seine twist used to create this twine gives it impressive strength for a small diameter. Our nylon seine twine meets NYCTA specifications with a strength rating of 600 lbs. 
  • Nylon performance. There is a reason that nylon is used to create so many different rope, string, and twine products. With great strength, resistance to abrasion, mildew and marine growth, petroleum product resistance, and long-lasting durability, this is an excellent synthetic material for a wide range of rope and twine applications.