Cotton Twine

Cotton twine, also referred to as Tying Twine, is a useful supply to have on hand for a variety of projects. The cotton twine offered here at SEACO features a cotton and polyester blend to give it a great natural feel combined with excellent performance and durability. We also offer a 100% cotton alternative when you need to use only natural fibers. Contact us to today to place your order or learn more!

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White1/2 lb.375ft. ball126#50ROC 185
White1/2 lb.375ft. ball9648#50ROC 185
White5 lb.9,750ft. cone1264#17ROC 152
White5 lb.6,000ft. cone1264#26ROC 161
White5 lb.9,750ft. cone1264#17ROC 150
White5 lb.7,500ft. cone1264#21ROC 155
White5 lb.6,000ft. cone1264#26ROC 160

Cotton Twine Applications

  • Packaging. Whether in a commercial application or for personal use, cotton twine is great for finishing a package. Many shops will use cotton twine as a decorative way to keep everything together when an item is sold to a customer. 
  • Crafts. Cotton twine is extremely popular in crafting as its small diameter and sturdy construction make it a great fit for many projects. 
  • Book binding. One unique option for using cotton twine thread is as a book binding material. Tying a book’s pages together gives it a rustic, traditional appearance that will be just right for some projects. 
  • Recreational. Our cotton twine can be used for flying kites or even give a ball to a kitten to play with.

Benefits of Cotton Twine

  • Lightweight. Adding cotton twine to a product or package will not add anything notable in terms of weight. 
  • Natural look. Many people love the traditional look of cotton, and even our cotton/polyester blend retains that classic appearance. 
  • Easy to handle. Cotton twine has a great feel and makes for easy work when wrapping and tying. 
  • Strength. For such a small diameter, cotton twine is surprisingly strong. We have options with strength ratings ranging from 17-50 pounds.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest cotton/tying twine in the world. For questions about cotton/tying twine or any of our premium products, call or email us today.