Bakery Twine

As many bakers know, presentation is always important. It’s not enough to make delicious goods—they also need to look great when they go out the door. Our quality bakery twine can help you achieve the high-end appearance you desire for your products. Stock up on bakery twine string from SEACO and keep impressing customers for years to come.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Red/White2 lb.7,800ft. cone2554#8ROC 215
Blue/White2 lb.7,800ft. cone2554#8ROC 220
Green/White2 lb.7,800ft. cone2554#8ROC 225
Brown/White2 lb.7,800ft. cone2554#8ROC 230
White2 lb.7,800ft. cone2554#8ROC 110

*Bakery Twine is available in custom colors. Ask your sales representative.

Bakery Twine Applications

  • Tying Baked Goods. Do you package cookies, cakes, or other goods in decorative boxes or bags? If so, this bakery twine is the perfect way to hold those packages closed while adding a design touch at the same time. 
  • Tying Specialty Foods. Many specialty food manufacturers use our bakery twine to differentiate between flavors. Red & White may mean “spicy”, while Green & White may mean “mild”. With many color options available, it’s easy to use our bakery twine to color code your items.
  • Hanging Signs or Frames. Despite the name, bakery twine can be used for more than baked goods. One idea is to use this product to hang up lightweight signs or picture frames. 

Benefits of Bakery Twine

  • Custom Colors. SEACO bakery twine is available in custom colors. Ask your sales representative for options.
  • Practical Advantages. Tying your goods closed inside a box or bag will help the customer get home safely without any accidents. Composed of two strands of cotton and two strands of polyester, our bakery twine has just the right break strength to keep the tie strong while still being able to be broken by hand. 
  • Coordinate Branding. SEACO offers five standard color options for bakery twine, including plain white and four combinations of white and another color (red, blue, green, brown). Additionally, we are happy to serve custom orders to match your color scheme. 
  • Easy to Use. A busy bakery doesn’t have time to fuss with uncooperative string. Our bakery twine is easy to use and simple to tie into a knot.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest bakery twine in the world. For questions about bakery twine or any of our premium products, call or email us today.