Vertical Lifeline

The name of this product says it all. Vertical lifeline is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for fall protection. For a rope with such an important role to play in personal safety, settling for less than the best is not an option. At SEACO, we carry reliable 3-strand twisted vertical lifeline products that comes in lengths from 25 to 200 ft. and higher break strengths for added safety and security. If you would like to place an order for this product, please contact us right away. Thank you for shopping at SEACO!

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Vertical Lifeline

White W/blue (single hook)5/8"25ft.15#8,650LFL 106
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"50ft.17#8,650LFL 107
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"75ft.110#8,650LFL 108
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"100ft.113#8,650LFL 109
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"150ft.117#8,650LFL 110
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"200ft.125#8,650LFL 111
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"25ft.16#8,650LFL 100
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"50ft.18#8,650LFL 101
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"75ft.111#8,650LFL 102
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"100ft.114#8,650LFL 103
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"150ft.118#8,650LFL 104
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"200ft.126#8,650LFL 106
  • Vertical Lifeline Ropes used for rigging or safety lines.
  • Resist abrasion & rot resistant
  • Use in all weather conditions.
  • Made from our exceptional Poly-Dacron Rope.
  • Featuring Seacos premium high tenacity polyester fiber 
  • With LC Snap hook (one ond or both)
  • Break Strength surpases OSHA specifications.

Vertical Lifeline Applications

  • Ladder safety. Climbing ladders is necessary but potentially dangerous work. Using vertical lifelines properly is an important safety measure that could prevent serious injury or death in the case of a fall. 
  • Other climbing situations. For workers who climb various structures to perform maintenance or repair tasks, vertical lifeline can be a crucial part of their safety equipment. 

Features of Vertical Lifeline

  • Easy-to-see design. You want to know where your vertical lifeline is at all times, so the white w/blue design offered at SEACO is a nice choice for many settings. 
  • Sufficient strength. With a strength rating of 8,000 lbs. and higher, this product is up to the task in many settings. Always confirm the strength rating of the product you use meets your specific requirements. 
  • Single-hook or double-hook. At SEACO, we offer vertical lifeline rope in both single-hook and double-hook designs, so you can select which is best for the application at hand.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest 3-strand twisted vertical lifeline products in the world. For questions about 3-strand twisted vertical lifeline products or any of our premium products, call or email us today.