Truck Rope

Truck Rope

Every truck owner could benefit from some high quality rope. If you own or operate a truck, you’ll want to have reliable rope on hand to manage a range of tasks. SEACO truck rope delivers impressive strength but is also easy to coil up and pack away when not in use. Featuring premium grade polypropylene fiber, this rope is strong, lightweight, U.V. stabilized, economical, versatile, rot resistant, floats, and conforms to California DOT. Order today and make easy work of the toughest trucking jobs.

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Color(s)SizeLength PackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Black w/Orange1/4"600ft. spool18#1125 TRK 100
Black w/Orange1/4"1,200ft. spool116#1125 TRK 101
Black w/Orange3/8"600ft. spool116#2430 TRK 102
Black w/Orange7/16"600ft. spool120#3150 TRK 103
Black w/Orange1/2"600ft. spool127#3780 TRK 104
Black w/Orange1/2"1,200ft. spool154#3780 TRK 105
Black w/Orange5/8"600ft. spool145#5580 TRK 106
Black w/Orange3/4"600ft. spool157#7650 TRK 107
Black w/Orange1"600ft. spool197#12825 TRK 108

Truck Rope Applications

  • Secure Loads. Truck rope is required for all drivers to secure any load that they are carrying. This improves safety for everyone else on the road while ensuring you don’t lose your items.
  • General Purpose. To keep a reliable rope on hand for whatever job may come up, you’ll do well with this premium polypropylene product. Before putting it into action, be sure to check the strength rating and compare that number to the load you expect the rope to face.
  • Marine Applications. This polypropylene rope floats, which makes it ideal for use around water.

Choosing Truck Rope

  • Look for California DOT Rating. Quality truck rope conforms to the requirements of the California DOT. Even if you won’t be operating your truck in California, purchasing rope that meets this standard is a smart move.
  • Choose the Right Thickness. Seven different thicknesses are available at SEACO, ranging from ¼’’ up to 1’’. Keep in mind that thicker rope will deliver added strength but will also be harder to tie into a knot.
  • Check the Strength Rating. Consider the weight of the load you are transporting and choose a rope with an appropriate strength rating. At SEACO, we offer truck rope with strengths ranging from 1,125-12,825 lbs.