Titanium Blutrace™ Rope

Titanium Blutrace™ Rope

Titanium Blutrace™ Rope is one of the strongest polymer ropes available. Titanium Blutrace™ boasts higher break strengths, Abrasion resistance, Excellent shock absorption, Minimal elongation, is Ultraviolet stabilized, has excellent shape retention, is fully balanced, torque free and economical. Its strength is identical in wet or dry environments, has no water absorption, floats, and has excellent chemical resistance to oil and gas.

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DescriptionDiameterTitanium Blutrace™ Tensile StrengthYellow Poly Pro Tensile StrengthLengthPart#
Standard lay1/4"1,6941,125600’TTR14
Standard lay3/8”4,4002,430600’TTR38
Standard lay1/2"6,2483,780600’TTR12
Standard lay5/8”10,7805,580600’TTR58
Standard lay3/4"12,1007,650600’TTR34
Standard lay7/8”18,59010,350600’TTR78
Standard lay1”22,44012,825600’TTR1
Standard lay1-1/8”29,78816,000600’TTR118
Standard lay1-1/4”34,06018,900600’TTR114
Standard lay1-1/2”46,42026,800600’TTR112
Standard lay1-3/4”66,36336,900600’TTR134
Standard lay2”77,77046,800600’TTR2


Titanium Blutrace™ Rope Applications

Marine & Fishing, Rigging, General use and Heavy Industrial.