Sisal Rope

Sisal Rope

When you buy sisal rope, you are choosing a natural product that can serve many purposes. This high-quality sisal rope offers outstanding strength for a natural fiber. This product ranges from 1/4’’ in diameter up to 1/2’’, and coil lengths are available from 50 ft all the way up to 1,575 ft. Contact us today to place your order or for assistance choosing the right rope for your needs.

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Natural-Tan1/4"50ft. coil1212#385MEX 15
Natural-Tan1/4"100ft. coil1224#385MEX 16
Natural-Tan1/4"1,500ft. coil130#385MEX 14
Natural-Tan5/16”1,575ft. coil150#640MEX 201
Natural-Tan3/8"50ft. coil1220#865MEX 50
Natural-Tan3/8"100ft. coil1240#865MEX 17
Natural-Tan1/2"50ft. coil1250#1700MEX 202
Natural-Tan1/2"100ft. coil12100#1700MEX 18
Natural-Tan1/2"600ft. coil150#1700MEX 200

Sisal Rope Applications

  • Agriculture. Sisal is a great option to turn to when you want to keep artificial fibers away from your plants and animals. It offers suitable strength for many jobs and can easily be tied into knots.
  • Gardening. The same natural characteristics that make sisal great for agricultural work make it a natural choice for gardening. Use sisal twine to tie plants into position or even to hang flowers to dry.
  • Crafts. If you love to create small crafts and art projects for around the house, sisal is a nice option to have on hand. It has not been treated with chemicals, so it is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Some possibilities include rugs, doormats, gift packaging, and more. 
  • Tie Downs. This rope is also a great choice for general tie down purposes.
  • Animal Care. Sisal is a natural rope product that is untreated, so it is safe for use around animals. It can be used for cat scratch poles, collars, and more.

Sisal Rope Benefits

  • Minimal stretch. Sisal rope will not give as much as many other natural fibers, meaning you can trust it to hold firm when used to bundle items or tie down a load.
  • Biodegradable. Don’t worry about harming the environment if small pieces of rope are left behind after use. This is a natural product that will biodegrade over time.
  • Untreated. This is a clean, natural product that has not been treated with chemicals.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest sisal rope in the world. For questions about sisal rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.