Sensor Cord

For accurate and consistent paving projects, sensor cord is an essential supply. At SEACO, we offer 1,000-foot spools of quality, 1/8’’ diameter sensor cord. Our standard cord is made with yellow or white polyester, but we also offer a yellow polyester with Kevlar version if you need additional strength and reduced stretch. To learn more about our options, or to place your order, please contact SEACO today for assistance.

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Sensor Cord

Yellow Polyester#41,000ft. Spool85#400SEN 100
White Polyester#41,000ft. Spool85#400SEN 200

Sensor Cord Applications

  • Set the grade. When put in place carefully, sensor cord allows electronically controlled equipment to lay pavement at the perfect grade for the project specifications. 
  • Establish the height of the pavement. Along with grade, stringline is also useful for setting the height of the pavement and keeping that height consistent throughout the project. 

Features of Sensor Cord

  • Bright color. We sell bright yellow sensor cord to make sure everyone on the job site can see the line easily. It can be recognized by the equipment as well.
  • Built to last. This product is diamond braided to give it the strength and flexibility needed for long-lasting performance. 
  • Ready for difficult conditions. This is a product that is used outdoors, so it’s important that the cord be resistant to not only tough weather but also oil and other substances. You can count on this cord to stand up to the challenge day after day. It will not rot or mildew, and it is oil- and weather-resistant.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest sensor cord in the world. For questions about sensor cord or any of our premium products, call or email us today.