Nylon Rope

When using rope all day long, the way it feels in your hand becomes an important factor. With solid braid rope, you’ll enjoy a smooth feel that doesn’t wear on your skin or gloves. Our solid braid nylon rope also includes all of the performance benefits you expect to see with nylon, like an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to damage. Great for use with pulleys, this is a flexible rope that still delivers significant strength and durability. Order today from SEACO to get a great deal on this reliable rope.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White1/4”50ft. Hank1211#1325AIK 802
White1/4”50ft. Spool1212#1325AIK 802SP
White1/4”100ft. hank1221#1325AIK 803
White1/4”100ft. spool1224#1325AIK 803SP
White1/4”1,000ft. spool116#1325ROC 455
White5/16”1,000ft. spool131#1925ROC 465
White3/8”1,000ft. spool141#2800ROC 475
White3/8”50ft. hank1211#2800AIK 816
White3/8"50ft. spool1213#2800AIK 816SP
White3/8”100ft. hank1221#2800AIK 817
White3/8"100ft. spool1225#2800AIK 817SP
White1/2”50ft. hank1222#4200AIK 818
White1/2”50ft. Spool1225#4200AIK 818SP
White1/2”100ft. hank1242#4200AIK 819
White1/2”100ft. spool1245#4200AIK 819SP
White1/2”1,000ft. spool175#4200ROC 485
White5/8”500ft. spool156#5000ROC 495

Solid Braid Nylon Rope Applications

  • Industrial. With a strength rating of up to 12,800 pounds, this rope is well-suited for tough industrial applications.
  • Pulleys. You need the right rope to get the best performance with your pulley systems. The strength, elasticity, and smooth texture of this rope makes it an excellent choice for pulley work.
  • Camping. To secure your tent for a night of sleep in the wilderness, a strong, durable rope is necessary. This solid braid nylon rope is not only strong enough for the job, but it’s durable enough to withstand the elements trip after trip.
  • Boat mooring. Every boat owner has the fear of seeing their vessel floating slowly away from the dock with no one on board. Tie your boat up securely with quality solid braid nylon rope to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Benefits of Solid Braid Nylon Rope

  • Resists abrasion. Nylon is a very durable material that can resist abrasion, even in tough conditions. If you need to drag your rope over rough surfaces, solid braid nylon rope is a good choice.
  • Strong for its size. Looking for a strong rope without having to purchase a large diameter product? Solid braid nylon rope delivers impressive strength in a compact package. Options at SEACO are available with a strength rating of up to 12,800 pounds!
  • Versatility. Nylon rope is so popular largely because it can do many different things well. For an all-around rope you can turn to time after time, you’ll be thrilled with what this product offers.

Twisted Nylon Rope

Elasticity and strength are hard to find together in the same package, which is what makes our twisted nylon rope such a popular product. Made up of many strands twisted together, this rope delivers impressive strength, while the premium nylon material offers elasticity and durability. By ordering from SEACO, you can be sure that you will receive an excellent product for a fair price. Contact us today to place an order or get assistance with any questions you may have.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White1/4”50ft. coil129#1490TNR 100
White1/4”100ft. coil1218#1490TNR 101
White1/4”600ft. spool18#1490TNR 102
White1/4”1,200ft. spool116#1490TNR 103
White3/8”50ft. coil1221#3340TNR 104
White3/8”100ft. coil1242#3340TNR 105
White3/8”600ft. spool120#3340TNR 106
White1/2”50ft. coil1231#5750TNR 107
White1/2”100ft. coil1262#5750TNR 108
White1/2”600ft. spool131#5750TNR 109
White1/2”1,200ft. spool162#5750TNR 110
White5/8”600ft. spool166#9350TNR 111
White3/4”600ft. spool173#12800TNR 112
White1”600ft. spool173#12800TNR 112

Twisted Nylon Rope Applications

  • Construction. Twisted nylon rope is commonly used in construction, thanks to its superior durability and resistance to rot and UV rays.
  • Industrial. With a strength rating of up to 12,800 pounds, this rope is well-suited for tough industrial applications.
  • Farming. Ropes are always in demand on a farm, and the strength of this product is up to the challenge of most tasks. Nylon’s resistance to gasoline and oil is a nice bonus in this environment.
  • Boating. Nylon ropes are frequently used in boating applications. You’ll want to use three strand twisted nylon rope when strength is required.
  • Camping. You always want to have extra rope on hand when camping. Nylon is a great option for outdoor use. Stock up on twisted nylon rope to be prepared for any surprise challenges.

Benefits of Twisted Nylon Rope

  • Resistance to rot. You don’t have to worry about this rope rotting, meaning you can rely on it for years to come.
  • Elasticity. If your use for this rope is going to subject it to sudden movements, the elastic nature of the material will help even things out.
  • Strong in the sun. Nylon rope is naturally resistant to damage from UV rays. Working with this rope out in the sun all day should do little to harm its condition.

Diamond Braid Nylon Rope

We are now producing all of our nylon diamond braid rope domestically here in the USA, with premium 100% nylon. Made by our skilled American craftsmen, this rope is ideal for universal use. It is flexible, strong, and durable, and it’s resistant to mildew, rot, abrasions and chemicals.

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
White1/4”50ft. coil128#1200DBN 100
White1/4”100ft. coil1216#1200DBN 101
White3/8”100ft. coil1236#2300DBN 102

Nylon Rope Applications

  • Towing & pulling. Nylon rope is a great choice for towing applications thanks to the overall strength of the product. Also, with some give in the line, it’s easier to handle loads without creating too much shock.
  • Tie downs. In addition to its strength, nylon works well for tie down duty, because it is flexible and easy to form into a knot. Keeping a spool of nylon rope on hand will allow you to handle most tie down tasks with ease.
  • Flagpoles. Solid braid nylon’s impressive strength and UV resistance make it a great option for use as a flagpole rope.
  • Marine work. Although nylon can absorb some moisture when it gets wet, it’s still commonly seen in marinas as boat docking lines and for use in other tasks.

Benefits of Nylon Rope

  • Impressive strength. Nylon rope is hands down one of the strongest ropes on the market today.
  • Resistant to UV damage. If your ropes are going to be out in the sun every day, nylon is prepared to hold up better than other materials. It will also resist damage from other sources like mold and mildew, petroleum products, and more.
  • Resistant to abrasion. Do you need to perform tough work where the cord will be dragged over rough surfaces? Nylon can take that kind of punishment and continue to perform beautifully.