Trick Line Rope

No production set is complete without a healthy supply of trick line on hand. This handy product can make safety measures such as tying off rigging for lights easy and convenient. Of course, trick line is only useful if it is manufactured to a high standard, so be sure to order from SEACO. Our high quality trick line rope is constructed using a cotton cord and synthetic center. The end result is a strong line that feels soft and is easy to tie. Place your order today!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 355
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)300ft. Spool48#210ROC 354
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool822#210ROC 360
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,000ft. Spool430#210ROC 355
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool17#210ROC 362
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool114#210ROC 371
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 375
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool822#210ROC 380
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool17#210ROC 381
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool113#210ROC 385
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 386
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool626#210ROC 361
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool19#210ROC 363
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool116#210ROC 366
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 367
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool824#210ROC 381
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool18#210ROC 383
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool114#210ROC 382

Trick Line Applications

  • Entertainment industries. This type of rope is commonplace in the entertainment industry. Trick line is popular for set building and lighting needs because it is thin enough—only 1/8’’—to be virtually invisible to the audience while strong enough to hold and secure items.
  • Cables and cord management. Another potential use for trick line is to tie up cables and other cords/wires into manageable bundles. This can prevent tripping hazards and keep everything where it should be.
  • Awnings. Often, awnings need to be secured using a rope to keep them in place for the duration of an event. Trick line is the perfect solution for this task, as it possesses the strength needed for the job without being so bulky as to get in the way.
  • Drapery. This rope is prominently used as piping by drapery manufacturers.
  • Arts & crafts. With its soft feel, thin diameter and strength, trick line is also a great option for a variety of arts and crafts purposes.

Choosing Trick Line Rope

  • Black or white. Our reliable trick line is offered in either black or white. Black trick line rope is perfect when you want it to be invisible on a set, while white works great for awnings so people can see it while walking around.
  • Length options. When you shop with SEACO, you can order everything from 48-foot hanks all the way up to 3,000-foot spools.
  • Style options. We produce our trick line in two ways: Glazed/Waxed/Painted and Unglazed/Unwaxed/Unpainted. The Glazed option makes the trick line more durable and rigid, which helps to keep knots from becoming too compressed. The unglazed option creates a softer feel and is great when you need to tie semi-permanent knots.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest trick line in the world. For questions about trick line or any of our premium products, call or email us today.