Polypropylene Rope

Yellow Poly Rope

Polypropylene rope is popular for many reasons. When you order this type of rope in a bright yellow shade, or yellow with black traces, you’ll get the standard performance benefits of polypropylene rope along with a color that’s easy to see in many different settings. At SEACO, our yellow poly rope features Premium grade Polypropylene fiber and is available in diameters from 1/4’’ up to 4’’. We have lengths available from 50-feet to 5,000-feet. Our Polypropylene rope is also available in a wide variety of colors. Place your order today!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
Yellow1/4"50ft. coil128#1125YPP 100
Yellow1/4"100ft. coil1216#1125YPP 101
Yellow1/4"300ft. spool14#1125YPP 102
Yellow1/4"600ft. spool18#1125YPP 103
Yellow1/4"1,200ft. spool116#1125YPP 104
Yellow1/4"2,400ft. spool132#1125YPP 105
Yellow1/4"3,600ft. spool148#1125YPP 106
Yellow1/4"5,000ft. spool160#1125YPP 107
Yellow5/16"100ft. coil1222#1710YPP136
Yellow5/16"600ft. spool117#1710YPP133
Yellow w/Black5/16"100ft. coil1222#1710YPP 136
Yellow w/Black5/16"1,200' spool118#1710YPP 135
Yellow3/8”50ft. coil1217#2430YPP 108
Yellow3/8”100ft. coil1234#2430YPP 109
Yellow3/8"300ft. spool19#2430YPP123
Yellow3/8”600ft. spool118#2430YPP 110
Yellow3/8”1,200ft. spool132#2430YPP 111
Yellow3/8”2,400ft. spool164#2430YPP 112
Yellow3/8”3,600ft. spool196#2430YPP 113
Yellow1/2”50ft. coil1228#3780YPP 114
Yellow1/2”100ft. coil1256#3780YPP 115
Yellow1/2”300ft. spool113#3780YPP 116
Yellow1/2”600ft. spool127#3780YPP 117
Yellow1/2”1,200ft. spool154#3780YPP 118
Yellow5/8”600ft. spool145#5580YPP 119
Yellow3/4”600ft. spool157#7650YPP 120
Yellow7/8”600ft. spool190#10350YPP 121
Yellow1”600ft. spool197#12825YPP 122
Yellow1-1/4"600ft. Coil1TBD18,900YPP 124
Yellow1-1/2"600ft. Coil1TBD26,800YPP 125
Yellow1-5/8"600ft. Coil1TBD30071YPP 137
Yellow1-3/4"600ft. Coil1TBD36,900YPP 126
Yellow2"600ft. Coil1TBD46,800YPP 127
Yellow2-1/4"600ft. Coil1TBD59,400YPP 128
Yellow2-1/2"600ft. Coil1TBD72,000YPP 129
Yellow2-5/8"600ft. Coil1TBD75,001YPP 138
Yellow2-3/4"600ft. Coil1TBD94,500YPP 130
Yellow3"600ft. Coil1TBD102,600YPP 131
Yellow3-1/2"600ft. Coil1TBD144,000YPP 132
Yellow4"600ft. Coil1TBD171,900YPP 134

Yellow Poly Rope Applications

  • Construction Industry. This rope is a favorite product used on virtually every construction site, as it is easily seen, great for tie-down purposes, and lightweight lifting. 
  • Outdoor Exploration. This rope is tough enough to handle the outdoors, and the yellow color allows it to stand out against the greens and browns that dominate the natural world.
  • Crowd Control. Use our yellow poly rope for crowd control at golf courses, outdoor venues or even marking off areas. 
  • Boating. Our yellow poly rope is popular with boat owners and other marine applications, because it floats and is easy to see in the water. 
  • Tie-down. As a general tie-down rope, this rope performs well with its comfortable feel in the hand and light overall weight. 

Benefits of Yellow Poly Rope

  • Buoyant. As mentioned above, our yellow poly rope floats, meaning it is suitable for many tasks that would not be a good fit for ropes that sink in water. 
  • Resistant to Rot. When working outside, you don’t want to worry about your ropes rotting and losing strength. That won’t be an issue with polypropylene rope. 
  • Great Value. For a strong, long-lasting rope that isn’t going to blow through your budget, poly rope is an excellent choice. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest polypropylene rope in the world. For questions about polypropylene rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

Black Poly Rope

Premium grade Polypropylene fiber is Strong, Lightweight, U.V. Stabilized economical, versatile, rot resistant and floats.

Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
Black3/16"600ft. Spool17#720BPP 100
Black1/4"600ft. Spool18#1,125BPP 101
Black1/4"1,200ft. Spool116#1,125BPP 102
Black5/16"600ft. Spool117#1,710BPP 103
Black3/8"600ft. Spool118#2,430BPP 104
Black1/2"600ft. Spool127#3,780BPP 105
Black5/8"600ft. Spool145#5,580BPP 106
Black3/4"600ft. Spool157#7,650BPP 107

Unmanila Rope

Tan1/4"600ft. spool18#1,125UNM 100
Tan1/4"1,200ft. spool116#1,125UNM 101
Tan3/8"600ft. Spool118#2,430UNM 102
Tan1/2"600ft. Spool127#3,780UNM 103
Tan5/8"600ft. Spool145#5,580UNM 104
Tan3/4"600ft. Spool157#7,650UNM 105

Titanium Blutrace™ Rope

Titanium Blutrace™ Rope is one of the strongest polymer ropes available. Titanium Blutrace™ boasts higher break strengths, Abrasion resistance, Excellent shock absorption, Minimal elongation, is Ultraviolet stabilized, has excellent shape retention, is fully balanced, torque free and economical. Its strength is identical in wet or dry environments, has no water absorption, floats, and has excellent chemical resistance to oil and gas.

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DescriptionDiameterTitanium Blutrace™ Tensile StrengthYellow Poly Pro Tensile StrengthLengthPart#
Standard lay1/4"1,6941,125600’TTR14
Standard lay3/8”4,4002,430600’TTR38
Standard lay1/2"6,2483,780600’TTR12
Standard lay5/8”10,7805,580600’TTR58
Standard lay3/4"12,1007,650600’TTR34
Standard lay7/8”18,59010,350600’TTR78
Standard lay1”22,44012,825600’TTR1
Standard lay1-1/8”29,78816,000600’TTR118
Standard lay1-1/4”34,06018,900600’TTR114
Standard lay1-1/2”46,42026,800600’TTR112
Standard lay1-3/4”66,36336,900600’TTR134
Standard lay2”77,77046,800600’TTR2


Titanium Blutrace™ Rope Applications

Marine & Fishing, Rigging, General use and Heavy Industrial.