Double Braid Polyester Rope

When strength is required, double braid polyester rope is up to the challenge. This product is a great choice when your rope is going to face a tough, abrasive environment day after day. Our braided polyester rope is offered in spools in 300-foot, 600-foot, and 1,200-foot spools and a range of thicknesses from 1/4’’ up to 1-1/4’’. All sizes are available in black or white—and pulling rope with eyes contains our signature double colored marker. Contact SEACO today to place your order!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White1/4”600ft. spool114#1,800DBLW 700
White3/8”600ft. spool126#3,175DBLW 701
White1/2”600ft. spool146#3,960DBLW 702
White5/8"600ft. spool182#12,300DBLW 706
White3/4"600ft. spool1100#17,400DBLW 707
White7/8"600ft. spool1144#19,500DBLW 708
White1"600ft. spool1207#21,200DBLW 709
White1-1/8"600ft. spool1260#32,000DBLW 710
White1-1/4"600ft. spool1290#35,000DBLW 711
Black1/4”600ft. spool114#1,800DBLB 703
Black3/8”600ft. spool126#3,175DBLB 704
Black1/2”600ft. spool146#3,960DBLB 705
Black5/8"600ft. spool182#12,300DBLB 712
Black3/4"600ft. spool1100#17,400DBLB 713
Black7/8"600ft. spool1144#19,500DBLB 714
Black1"600ft. spool1207#21,200DBLB 715
Black1-1/8"600ft. spool1260#32,000DBLB 716
Black1-1/4"600ft. spool1290#35,000DBLB 717

Double Braid Polyester Rope Applications

  • Rigging. Good rigging rope needs to be strong, of course, but it also needs to be comfortable to use all day long. You can enjoy both with our high-quality double braid polyester rope.
  • Winch line. The strength of this rope makes it a great option for winch work—and it can be wound and unwound easily without kinking. 
  • Pull rope. For contractors who need to pull lines as part of their daily work, double braid polyester rope is an excellent choice. At Seaco, we offer our polyester double braid with 6” eyes factory sewn on each end, insuring a high-quality product. 

Benefits of Double Braid Polyester Rope

  • Very strong. This is among the strongest rope we offer at SEACO. If you need a high breaking point for your application, look to the thicker versions of our braided polyester rope. 
  • Durable. If you expect your rope to be run over rough surfaces regularly, use our braided polyester rope to resist damage. 
  • Easy to work with. For such a strong, rugged rope, you will be impressed by how easy it is to use across a range of applications. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest double braid polyester rope in the world. For questions about double braid polyester rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.