Polyester Rope Applications

  • Sailing & Boating. Operating a sailboat requires the use of many ropes, and poly rope performs beautifully in a marine setting. It remains strong when wet, is UV resistant and is resistant to rot.
  • Lifting. With such an impressive strength for its size, polyester rope is a natural choice for lifting tasks or even for towing. Also, limited stretch in the rope means it is more secure to work with when managing heavy loads.
  • Rigging. This strong rope stands up well outdoors and is tough enough for rigging jobs with its superior abrasion resistance.
  • Tie Down: With its strength and its rot, UV, and abrasion resistance, polyester rope makes a great option for general tide down applications.

Benefits of Polyester Rope

  • Resists UV Damage. If you plan to have your ropes out in the sun for long periods of time, poly rope won’t degrade as quickly as other choices.
  • Rot Resistant. This is yet another great reason why polyester rope is a preferred choice for outdoor applications.
  • Excellent Value. For a rope that can do so much, and last so long, you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable price tag.

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