Manila Rope

When looking for strong rope, buyers often turn to synthetic materials. However, if you need a strong rope made from natural fibers, manila rope is an excellent option. In fact, it is the strongest of all the natural fiber ropes. At SEACO, we offer premium grade manila rope in a variety of sizes and lengths. Get in touch today to place your order!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Natural-Tan1/4"50ft. coil1212#540MAN 579
Natural-Tan1/4"100ft. coil1224#540MAN 580
Natural-Tan1/4”600ft. box16#540MAN 581
Natural-Tan1/4”1,200ft. box124#540MAN 582
Natural-Tan3/8”50ft. coil112#1215MAN 583
Natural-Tan3/8”100ft. coil125#1215MAN 584
Natural-Tan3/8”600ft. box125#1215MAN 585
Natural-Tan1/2”50ft. coil1245#2385MAN 586
Natural-Tan1/2”100ft. coil1290#2385MAN 587
Natural-Tan1/2”300ft. coil122#2385MAN 588
Natural-Tan1/2”600ft. coil145#2385MAN 589
Natural-Tan5/8”600ft. coil180#3960MAN 590
Natural-Tan3/4”100ft. coil117#4860MAN 591
Natural-Tan3/4”300ft. coil150#4860MAN 592
Natural-Tan3/4”600ft. coil1100#4860MAN 593
Natural-Tan7/8”600ft. coil1135#6930MAN 594
Natural-Tan1”600ft. coil1160#8100MAN 595
Natural-Tan1-1/2”600ft. coil1360#16650MAN 596
Natural-Tan2”300ft. coil1648#27900MAN 597

Manila Rope Applications

  • Marine tasks. One of the notable features of manila rope is its resistance to damage from saltwater. If you own or operate a boat in a marine environment, this rope will be a welcome addition to your gear box.
  • Exercise. Thicker manila ropes are frequently used for exercise routines that call for rope. That’s because this rope can absorb perspiration to help ensure a reliable grip. If you’ve ever seen a fitness trainer working with a client in a gym while swinging ropes around, manila was likely the material the rope was made with.
  • Establish Boundaries. Given how well this rope stands up to outdoor elements and how easy it is to work with, it’s a natural fit for blocking off areas.
  • Exterior Décor. With its rugged, natural look, manila rope is a great option for many exterior décor projects. Note that we only recommend using this rope for outdoor projects. It is an oiled product not intended for interior use.
  • Utility Rope. Manila is an excellent option for a general utility rope, thanks to its high strength, rugged durability, flexibility, and ability to stand up to marine environments.

Manila Rope Benefits

  • Strong. When it comes to strength, manila is king. This is the strongest product of all natural fiber ropes.
  • Flexible. This rope’s flexibility makes it easy to handle and tie into knots.
  • Non-Snapping. When manila rope is put under heavy stress and is ready to break—and ALL rope breaks—it won’t snap like synthetic ropes. Instead, it will simply fray apart, making it less dangerous under harsh use.
  • Contraction When Wet. If you want your knots to tighten up and become extremely durable when set, manila rope is perfect. The rope will contract when it gets wet, meaning any knots that have been tied will stiffen dramatically.
  • Rugged Look. When you picture a classic rope, your mind likely brings up an image of something like manila rope. If you care about the aesthetics of your project, this rope won’t let you down.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest manila rope in the world. For questions about manila rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.