Flagpole Rope

Flagpole Rope

Sometimes, a name says it all. That’s the case with flagpole rope, often called halyard rope, which is designed specifically to raise and lower flags with ease. It’s important to have high quality rope for this task to avoid issues like tangles, slipping knots, or breakage. With a solid braid construction, soft in the hand, this product features premium, high quality nylon, which has just enough elasticity to conform to the pulleys on your flagpole without flexing so much that it won’t stay firm and in place. If you have any questions about this product, contact us today for assistance.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White1/4”50ft. Hank1211#1325AIK 802
White1/4”50ft. Spool1212#1325AIK 802SP
White1/4”100ft. hank1221#1325AIK 803
White1/4”100ft. spool1224#1325AIK 803SP
White1/4”1,000ft. spool116#1325ROC 455
White5/16”1,000ft. spool131#1925ROC 465
White3/8”1,000ft. spool141#2800ROC 475
White3/8”50ft. hank1211#2800AIK 816
White3/8"50ft. spool1213#2800AIK 816SP
White3/8”100ft. hank1221#2800AIK 817
White3/8"100ft. spool1225#2800AIK 817SP
White1/2”50ft. hank1222#4200AIK 818
White1/2”50ft. Spool1225#4200AIK 818SP
White1/2”100ft. hank1242#4200AIK 819
White1/2”100ft. spool1245#4200AIK 819SP
White1/2”1,000ft. spool175#4200ROC 485
White5/8”500ft. spool156#5000ROC 495

Product Applications

  • Raise and lower a flag. The main purpose of flagpole rope is to raise flags, hold them in position, and lower them down again. This rope is specifically designed for that task, making it easy to hoist the flag and tie it off in the right spot. If you’ve been let down by the quality of other flagpole ropes previously, trust SEACO to deliver what you need. Treat “Old Glory” with respect.
  • Decoration. Integrating this nylon rope into your décor projects is a fun way to add a new texture for an affordable price.
  • Clothesline. With its high strength and light weight, this rope is also perfect for use as a premium clothesline.
  • Tie Downs. Keep this rope on stand by for general tie down purposes. Consider keeping a length of it in your car, truck, or RV so you’ll have it ready when you need it.
  • Tents & Tarps. Need to secure a rainfly on a tent or tie down a tarp? This rope is small enough to fit through the eye holes while strong enough to keep your items secure.

Choosing Flagpole Rope

  • Length is key. To successfully run a flag up a pole and display it at the top, you need a rope which is at least twice the length of the pole itself. We offer this product in spools of 600 feet, which is more than enough for most flagpoles. Simply cut the rope to your exact specifications, and be sure to leave some extra tail for tying the rope once the flag is risen.
  • Two color options. At SEACO, we carry both white and black flagpole rope. White rope offers a clean, crisp look, while the black rope is harder to see and allows the flag to stand out.
  • Replace worn rope. As your flagpole rope will be out in the elements every day, natural wear and tear over time can be expected. Be sure to replace your rope when you notice any signs of wear.

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest halyard/flagpole rope in the world. For questions about halyard/flagpole rope or any of our premium products, call or email us today.