Anchor, Fender & Dock Line

Anchor line

The purpose of an anchor line is to serve as a strong line, along with an anchor, to help keep a boat firmly in place out on the water. Characteristics of quality anchor line include strength, durability, and resistance to the harsh marine environment. You’ll get all of that and more when you order your anchor line from SEACO. Offered in 50-foot, 100-foot, 150-foot and      200-foot lengths, our white, navy or black anchor line is a must-have piece of equipment on your boat. Order today!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White w/Metal Thimbele3/8"100ft.15#4,400ANC 100
White w/Metal Thimbele3/8"150ft.115#12,200ANC101

Anchor Line Applications

  • Setting your anchors. When you drop anchor to hold your boat in a specific location, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your line will hold up. Buying high quality anchor line is a decision that can pay off for years to come. 
  • Other marine needs. Since anchor line is so well suited for the marine environment, you might find that you can use this rope for a full range of other boating and marine applications.

Benefits of Anchor Line

  • Easy to handle. If you set your anchors by hand, you will appreciate the comfortable feel that this line provides. 
  • Remains strong in the water. Not all ropes maintain their strength when wet, so it’s important that you pick a line that is going to do its job even when sent down into the depths. 
  • Thimbles included. To quickly and easily attach your anchors to this type of line, we include metal thimbles on both ends. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest anchor line rope in the world. For questions about anchor line or any of our premium products, call or email us today.

Dock Line

Our boat dock line is a premium product featuring a 12’’ factory spliced eye on one end. We carry a selection of sizes, lengths, and strengths, allowing you to select the right dock line for your application. These lines are impressively strong yet flexible for their light weight, making them easy to handle and great for use in many tasks. Contact us today to place your order.

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White w/Gold3/8”15ft.109#4400DOC 100-G
White w/Gold3/8”20ft.1011#4400DOC 105-G
White w/Gold3/8”25ft.1014#4400DOC 110-G
White w/Gold3/8"30ft.1017#4400DOC 111-G
White w/Gold1/2”15ft.1016#7800DOC 115-G
White w/Gold1/2”20ft.621#7800DOC 120-G
White w/Gold1/2”25ft.628#7800DOC 125-G
White w/Gold1/2”30ft.635#7800DOC 126-G
White w/Gold5/8"15ft.616#7800DOC 129-G
White w/Gold5/8"20ft.622#7800DOC 134-G
White w/Gold5/8”25ft.628#12200DOC 130-G
White w/Gold5/8”30ft.640#12200DOC 135-G
White w/Gold3/4"15ft.620#17350DOC 138-G
White w/Gold3/4"20ft.622#17350DOC 139-G
White w/Gold3/4”25ft.625#17350DOC 140-G
White w/Gold3/4”30ft.630#17350DOC 145-G

Product Applications

  • Docking your boat. These boat dock lines are purpose-built to keep your boat firmly in place while it is docked. A strong and flexible rope is needed to maintain safety and protect the investment you’ve made in your vessel.
  • Spring lines. Shorter lines can be used to secure the bow and stern of the vessel, by attaching a line to the ends of the boat and a cleat on the dock. For greater control, add longer spring lines that cross each other and prevent the boat from moving forward and back as it is docked.

Key Features

  • Line length. Carefully consider the rope lengths you need when purchasing. Lines that are too short will be of no use to you, but extra-long ropes will leave you with excess that is hard to manage. Take measurements and pick from our sizes that range from 15 to 30 feet.
  • Strength. We offer lines with strength ratings ranging from 4400 to 17350. Larger, heavier boats will require stronger ropes to keep them docked safely. 
  • Diameter. We offer dock lines with diameters ranging from 3/8” to 3/4”. When choosing the right docking rope for your needs, a good rule of thumb is to purchase a rope with 1/8” diameter for every 9’ of your boat’s length. For example, if you have a 27’ boat should, you should choose a rope with a 3/8” diameter (this is also the minimum recommended diameter for any boat).

Fender Line

Fenders are an important piece of boating equipment, serving to keep your boat free from hull damage when used properly. To use fenders effectively, however, you will need to have plenty of quality fender line on board. At SEACO, we offer fender line in three thicknesses, from 1/4’’ to 3/8’’. All of our fender line comes in six-foot lengths, with custom lengths available. Place your order today, or contact us for more information. 

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrengthPart#
White w/Eye1/4"6ft.101#1,800FEN 100
White w/Eye5/16"6ft.101.5#2,400FEN 101
White w/Eye3/8"6ft.61.5#3,175FEN 102

Fender Line Applications

  • Holding your fenders in place. Investing in quality fenders is a good step to protect your boat, but those fenders won’t hold steady without a quality rope to keep them in the right spot. 
  • Pulling in your fenders. When out on the open water where there is no risk of bumping into a dock or jetty, you can easily pull in your fenders by using the fender lines. 

Benefits of Fender Line

  • Eye included. Our fender line includes an eye to make it easy to attach your line to the fender in just a matter of moments. 
  • Purpose-built. You could technically use just about any kind of rope to tie up your fenders, but that may not work very well in the long run. Using fender line specifically will allow you to get many years of performance in a harsh marine environment. 
  • Appropriate length. At six feet long, our fender lines are a comfortable size for most boats. Even if you have to adjust how they are set up on your boat to leave the fenders in the right spot, this length will make it easy to dial in your lines nicely.