Boating & Sailing Rope Applications

  • Docking. If you keep your boat docked when not in use, or if you pull up to docks as you explore the water, you’ll need a reliable boat dock line to tie off each time. 
  • Managing your sails. On a sailboat, ropes are the primary means of controlling sails in order to manipulate the movement of the vessel. Sailing rope needs to be strong enough to deal with windy conditions but also light enough to handle easily. 
  • Tow rope. Should your boat become unable to make its way back to shore, having a strong rope on board can allow you to get towed to safety.

Benefits of Boating & Sailing Rope

  • Marine ready. When picking out boat rope, be sure to select a type of rope that is meant for use in and around water. Boating and sailing ropes are often made of polypropylene or nylon, which will hold up better than other materials in a marine environment.
  • Manageable weight. You don’t want a particularly heavy set of ropes weighing down your boat. Most ropes in this category are surprisingly light given their strength and durability.
  • Various colors. It can be hard to see some ropes in the water, so pick a bright color or distinctive pattern when you know a rope will be coming in and out of the boat often.  

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