Safety Supplies

Cat LED Flashlight Hat

Led Light Lithium Cal Battery Powered Baseball Style Cap


Fall Protection Kit (ANSI)

  • Kit includes: Standard size vest-style 3 D-ring Harness (standard size), temporary roof anchor; polysteel rope-25 ft. with LC Snaphook; manual rope grab with single-leg lanyard; 3.5-gallon bucket with lid. Meets ANSI A10.32 and OSHA regulations)
  • Complete ANSI-approved protection kit includes a standard fall protection system
  • Easy portability in included 3.5 gallon bucket with lid
  • Yellow polyester webbing provides increased visibility
  • Comfortable, 400 lb. capacity with an integral load indicator

Tool Tether Lanyard

Heavy-Duty Single Leg Lanyard provides the security and protection required to handle the heaviest tools on the job. Durable and long lasting protective nylon webbing. Tool tethers are suitable for attachment to a variety of tools.


  • Heavy Duty Single Leg Lanyard
  • Locking Carabiner on One End, Nylon Webbing on Other End
  • Nylon Protective Webbing
  • Lock pin on Carabiner End for Extra Security
  • Maximum Load Limit 22 lbs.
  • Each item is Retail-Ready, individually packaged in a polybag with a hang tag

Vertical Lifeline

White W/blue (single hook)5/8"25ft.15#8,650LFL 106
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"50ft.17#8,650LFL 107
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"75ft.110#8,650LFL 108
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"100ft.113#8,650LFL 109
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"150ft.117#8,650LFL 110
White W/blue (single hook)5/8"200ft.125#8,650LFL 111
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"25ft.16#8,650LFL 100
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"50ft.18#8,650LFL 101
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"75ft.111#8,650LFL 102
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"100ft.114#8,650LFL 103
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"150ft.118#8,650LFL 104
White W/blue (double hook)5/8"200ft.126#8,650LFL 106
  • Vertical Lifeline Ropes used for rigging or safety lines.
  • Resist abrasion & rot resistant
  • Use in all weather conditions.
  • Made from our exceptional Poly-Dacron Rope.
  • Featuring Seacos premium high tenacity polyester fiber 
  • With LC Snap hook (one ond or both)
  • Break Strength surpases OSHA specifications.


6″ Safety & Emergency Beacon – Flashing / Steady-On Amber

Part #9390AT280-A

Our E-flare™ line of products is not just innovative, they’re life savers. They’ve progressed technology from a torch, to light beacons that use multi-color and sequencing of light that can be seen for over 3/4 of a mile away without the night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems associated with strobe and incandescent lights.

  • Amber Beacon
  • Flashing/Steady-On 1-Color
  • 8 High Luminosity LEDs
  • ABS Body & Fresnel Lens
  • Weighs 0.55 lbs with Four “AA” Batteries
  • SIZE: 6″
  • PACKED: 12/Case


  • Intensely Bright – Can be clearly seen over 3/4 mile away without night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems
  • Lightweight – Weighs under 2/3 lb with batteries
  • Simple to Use – An improved switching mechanism involves a simple twist of the lens to the desired function
  • Durable – Waterproof (up to 100 ft), dust proof, and will survive a 3-foot drop onto a concrete surface
  • Double the Safety – Provides safety with maximum 360° visibility. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, there is no risk of fire, explosion, toxic fumes or residue
  • Infinitely Versatile – Easily attaches to belts, clothing, vehicles, traffic cones or signs
  • Place units around to create a highly visible warning and safety zone for people, work areas, hazards and accidents
  • HAZMAT accredited for use in Class 1, Division 2/ Zone 2 hazardous areas