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Synthetic web slings are composed of primarily nylon as well as polyester webbing. As an inexpensive rigging solution, synthetic web slings are soft and flexible. Straps made of synthetic webbing will not rust or corrode. They will not weaken with age when properly cared for and make visual inspections easier. Being so easy to physically bend, these synthetic lifting slings are easier to store, which reduces storage costs. Additional advantages include a tighter grip on cargo being moved, potentially reducing injuries to riggers and employees. Seaco stocks a complete line of All Material Handling slings and rigging equipment.

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Endless Web Sling

Heavy Duty Polyester Web Slings available in 1 or 2 ply. Lengths are measured from bearing point to bearing point.

Color(s)SizeVertical (lbs.)PackChoker (lbs.)Basket (lbs.)Part#
Yellow1" x 3ft3200125606400EN190103
Yellow1" x 4ft.3200125606400EN190104
Yellow1" x 6ft.3200125606400EN190106
Yellow1" x 8ft.3200125606400EN190108
Yellow1" x 12ft.3200125606400EN190112
Yellow2" x 4ft.64001500012800EN190204
Yellow2" X 6ft.64001500012800EN190206
Yellow2" X 8ft.64001500012800EN190208
Yellow2" X 10ft.64001500012800EN190210
Yellow2" X 12ft.64001500012800EN190212

Eye & Eye Web Slings


Color(s)SizeVertical (lbs.)PackChoker (lbs.)Basket (lbs.)Part#
Yellow W/Blue2" x 2ft64001500012800EE290202
Yellow W/Blue2" x 3ft64001500012800EE290203
Yellow W/Blue2" x 4ft.64001500012800EE290204
Yellow W/Blue2" x 6ft.64001500012800EE290206
Yellow W/Blue2" x 8ft.64001500012800EE290208
Yellow W/Blue2" x 10ft.64001500012800EE290210
Yellow W/Blue2" x 12ft.64001500012800EE290212
Yellow W/Blue2" x 14ft.64001500012800EE290214
Yellow W/Blue2" x 16ft.64001500012800EE290216
Yellow W/Blue2" x 18ft.64001500012800EE290218
Yellow W/Blue2" x 20ft.64001500012800EE290220
Yellow W/Blue2" x 25ft.64001500012800EE290225
Yellow W/Blue2" x 30ft.64001500012800EE290223
Yellow W/Blue3" x 4ft.88001704017600EE290304
Yellow W/Blue3" x 6ft.88001704017600EE290306
Yellow W/Blue3" x 8ft.88001704017600EE290308
Yellow W/Blue3" x 10ft.88001704017600EE290310
Yellow W/Blue3" x 12ft.88001704017600EE290312
Yellow W/Blue3" x 14ft.88001704017600EE290314
Yellow W/Blue3" x 16ft.88001704017600EE290316
Yellow W/Blue3" x 18ft.88001704017600EE290318
Yellow W/Blue3" x 20ft.88001704017600EE290320
Yellow W/Blue3" x 25ft.88001704017600EE290325
Yellow W/Blue3" x 30ft.88001704017600EE290330
Yellow W/Blue4" x 6ft.120001960024000EE290406
Yellow W/Blue4" x 8ft.120001960024000EE290408
Yellow W/Blue4" x 10ft.120001960024000EE290410
Yellow W/Blue4" x 12ft.120001960024000EE290412
Yellow W/Blue4" x 16ft.120001960024000EE290416
Yellow W/Blue4" x 20ft.120001960024000EE290420
Yellow W/Blue4" x 25ft.120001960024000EE290430
Yellow W/Blue4" x 30ft.120001960024000EE290440

Double Jacket Round Slings


Color(s)SizeVertical (lbs.)PackChoker (lbs.)Basket (lbs.)Part#
Purple5/8"-1" (3ft)2600121005200DR 1-03
Purple5/8"-1" (4ft)2600121005200DR 1-04
Purple5/8"-1" (6ft)2600121005200DR 1-06
Purple5/8"-1" (8ft)2600121005200DR 1-08
Purple5/8"-1" (10ft)2600121005200DR 1-10
Purple5/8"-1" (12ft)2600121005200DR 1-12
Purple5/8"-1" (14ft)2600121005200DR 1-14
Purple5/8"-1" (16ft)2600121005200DR 1-16
Purple5/8"-1" (20ft)2600121005200DR 1-20
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (3ft)53001420010600DR 2-03
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (4ft)53001420010600DR 2-04
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (6ft)53001420010600DR 2-06
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (8ft)53001420010600DR 2-08
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (10ft)53001420010600DR 2-10
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (12ft)53001420010600DR 2-12
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (14ft)53001420010600DR 2-14
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (16ft)53001420010600DR 2-16
Green7/8"-1-3/8" (20ft)53001420010600DR 2-20
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (3ft)84001670016800DR 3-03
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (4ft)84001670016800DR 3-04
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (6ft)84001670016800DR 3-06
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (8ft)84001670016800DR 3-08
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (10ft)84001670016800DR 3-10
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (12ft)84001670016800DR 3-12
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (14ft)84001670016800DR 3-14
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (16ft)84001670016800DR 3-16
Yellow1-1/8"-1-3/4" (20ft)84001670016800DR 3-20
Red1-3/8"-2" (4ft)1320011060026400DR 5-04
Red1-3/8"-2" (6ft)1320011060026400DR 5-06
Red1-3/8"-2" (8ft)1320011060026400DR 5-08
Red1-3/8"-2" (10ft)1320011060026400DR 5-10
Red1-3/8"-2" (12ft)1320011060026400DR 5-12
Red1-3/8"-2" (14ft)1320011060026400DR 5-14
Red1-3/8"-2" (16ft)1320011060026400DR 5-16
Red1-3/8"-2" (20ft)1320011060026400DR 5-20
Blue1-3/4"-2-5/8" (4ft)2120011700042400DR 7-04
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (6ft)2120011700042400DR 7-06
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (8ft)2120011700042400DR 7-08
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (10ft)2120011700042400DR 7-10
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (12ft)2120011700042400DR 7-12
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (14ft)2120011700042400DR 7-14
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (16ft)2120011700042400DR 7-16
Red1-3/4"-2-5/8" (20ft)2120011700042400DR 7-20
Orange2-1/4"-3-1/4" (8ft)3100012480062000DR 9-08
Orange2-1/4"-3-1/4" (8ft)3100012480062000DR 9-12
Orange2-1/4"-3-1/4" (8ft)3100012480062000DR 9-16
Orange2-1/4"-3-1/4" (8ft)3100012480062000DR 9-20

Endless Web Slings

Endless Web slings are a continuous loop formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. They are extremely versatile as the design allows for rotation of bearing points, avoiding one constant bearing point and thereby increasing useful life. They are suitable for use with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.

Eye & Eye Web Slings

Eye and eye slings can be used in vertical, choker, and basket hitches; they offer extreme versatility. The design includes a flat loop eye on each end. Flat Eye, Eye and Eye nylon and polyester lifting slings used by crane and rigging customers around the world provide for the lowest profile eye available. Low profile eyes make sling removal easier when tight clearances are unavoidable.

Double Jacket Round Slings

Double Jacket Endless Round slings are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fiber, with the actual number of winds determining the capacity of the sling. The double polyester woven jacket protects the load-bearing windings from damage. Features include a strong grip on loads, easy handling and storage, a tighter choke with an easier release, risk reduction of back and hand injuries and reduced cost with less total rigging weight. Each sling has a tough, resilient tag for quick and easy identification and ratings. 

Cartec Alloy Sling Hooks for Synthetic Slings

Cartec quality is the result of comprehensive and rigorous controls at every stage of manufacturing. From design to prototyping, from the choice of raw materials to processing and finishes and laboratory testing. Crafted in Italy for over half a century, Cartec’s family tradition of high quality forging is known the world over. Cartec manufactures lifting hooks, sling fittings, and accessories to the highest specifications. Cartec combines technical innovation, quality, and durability for superior rigging and lifting products.