Venetian Cord

Venetian cord is perfect for moving large pieces of fabric, such as a curtain for a stage or an awning on the side of a building. The venetian cord we sell at SEACO comes in both black and white and is offered in lengths from a 48-foot hank up to a 3,000-foot spool. This is a cotton cord that features a synthetic center for added strength. Available in “glazed or waxed” and unglazed. Contact us today to learn more or place your order!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 355
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)300ft. Spool48#210ROC 354
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool822#210ROC 360
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,000ft. Spool430#210ROC 355
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool17#210ROC 362
Black-unglazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool114#210ROC 371
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 375
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool822#210ROC 380
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool17#210ROC 381
White-unglazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool113#210ROC 385
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 386
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool626#210ROC 361
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool19#210ROC 363
Black-glazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool116#210ROC 366
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)48ft. hank122#210ROC 367
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)600ft. spool824#210ROC 381
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)1,500ft. spool18#210ROC 383
White-glazed#4 (1/8”)3,000ft. spool114#210ROC 382

Venetian Cord Applications

  • Controlling a stage curtain. When it’s time for the curtain to be pulled back so the show can start, you don’t want the rope to fail. Use strong venetian cord from SEACO to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 
  • Get some shade. This kind of cord can be used to manage the movement of an awning. Get the shade you or your guests need time after time thanks to this tough product. 
  • Tie-down. This cord, which has enough strength to move large fabrics, can also perform general purpose tie down tasks reliably.

Benefits of Venetian Cord

  • Feels good in the hand. While it has a synthetic core for added strength, the outside of this cord is cotton, meaning it will be comfortable in your hand even when used regularly. 
  • Strength in a small package. All of our venetian cord measures just 1/8’’ in diameter, yet it can withstand a rather significant load for that thin profile. 
  • Blends in. When you choose the black color option, this cord will be hard to see in many applications. That’s perfect when used in the entertainment industry where it needs to do the job without drawing attention to itself. 

Seaco rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the finest Venetian cord in the world. For questions about Venetian cord or any of our premium products, call or email us today.