The name of this product comes from its roots as a support line for parachutes, but today it is used in a wide range of applications. At SEACO, our high-quality made in U.S.A. nylon paracord, also known as “Survival Cord,” is available in several different lengths from 50 ft. hanks to 5,000 ft. spools and in endless color combinations. Contact us today to learn more about our paracord for sale or to place your order!

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Color(s)SizeLengthPackCase/Spool WeightStrength*Part#
Black#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 100
Black#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 101
Black#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 102
White#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 103
White#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 104
White#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 105
Yellow#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 106
Yellow#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 107
Yellow#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 108
Florescent Yellow#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 109
Florescent Yellow#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 110
Florescent Yellow#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 111
Florescent Green#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 112
Florescent Green#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 113
Florescent Green#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 114
Florescent Orange#5 (5/32")50ft. Hank124#550PARA 115
Florescent Orange#5 (5/32")500ft. Spool84#550PARA 116
Florescent Orange#5 (5/32")1,000' spool86#550PARA 117

Paracord Applications

  • Camping & Outdoor Adventure. If you love to spend time outdoors, paracord is a great supply to stock up on before you head out. Whether you hunt, fish, hike, camp, or anything else outside, paracord has plenty of utility. A must have for outdoor survival.
  • Creative Projects. Paracord can be incorporated in a variety of craft projects. From bracelets to creative artwork, Paracord is a proven winner. The wide range of color options available at SEACO makes it easy to find a shade that suits your specific needs. 
  • Tie-Down. This product is surprisingly strong for its size, which is why it is trusted for something as important as parachutes. Keep paracord on hand for all of your general-purpose tie-down needs. A “must have” for hunters and backpackers.   

Benefits of Paracord

  • Elasticity. There is some elasticity to paracord, so it will give enough to make it useful for various tasks and projects where that is necessary. If you need a strong but flexible cord product, paracord is the right choice. 
  • Long-Lasting Durability. You can use our paracord over and over again without noticing a loss of performance. 
  • Strength. Paracord is very strong. The paracord available at SEACO has a strength rating of 550 lbs.
  • Comfortable to Work With. This product has a smooth feel in the hand. Working with paracord all day long won’t be a painful experience as it might be with other, rougher cord products.