What is Sash Cord Used For?

One of the many different types of products we carry here at SEACO is a sash cord. Our sash cord offerings come in three different colors – white, black, and white with blue markers – and have various thicknesses and lengths available. That’s all great – but what is a sash cord in the first place? 

With this article, we’ll dive into the basics of what sash cord is and what it can be used for. Of course, if you need to order sash cord or any of the other great products available on our site, feel free to reach out to SEACO today for assistance. We can’t wait to serve you!

The Original Purpose

The name “sash cord” comes from the original purpose for this type of rope – it was used to control sash windows when they moved up and down. The sash cords are hidden within the framing of the window, and weights are used on the bottom to give the cords the ability to hold the windows in an open position when desired. Because of the need for long-term strength and reliable performance in this application, sash cords have traditionally been quite strong and durable. 

If you own an older home, or you do restoration work, you may still encounter these kinds of windows and have a need for sash cord to repair any that have broken. However, as you may be aware, sash cords are rarely used in modern windows, as other types of designs have become the standard in the window industry. So, if you buy a new set of windows for a home, for example, it’s highly unlikely that any sash cords will be involved. 

Modern Usage for a Sash Cord

So, while sash cords are still used for windows occasionally, this product has gradually adapted to be used for a variety of other purposes. At SEACO, we are proud to offer sash cord because of the many roles it can play for our customers. We have a cotton cover over a synthetic core to create a line that is strong, lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. Some of the many other potential uses for sash cord include the following –

  • General purpose. While this isn’t a specific application, it is perhaps the best reason to keep sash cord on hand. If you frequently need to do tie-down work, or just wrap up items and secure them for various reasons, it’s hard to beat sash cord. You’ll enjoy working with it, it’s relatively affordable, and should serve you well for years.
  • Entertainment industry work. Sash cord is often found being put to use in the entertainment world, where rope is frequently called on for various tasks. Sash cord is appealing because it’s comfortable to work with, so handling all day long around the stage or behind the scenes won’t be an uncomfortable chore. 
  • Camping. If you love to spend time outdoors, a sash cord is worth including in your standard pack of supplies. It’s a great pick for this application simply due to its versatility – for many different tasks that might come up, you’ll find yourself reaching for this type of line again and again. 

How to Pick the Right Sash Cord

No matter what your needs happen to be, buying the right version of this product is essential. When shopping at SEACO, you’ll see we have quite a variety of options within our sash cord offerings. In the introduction, we mentioned there are three colors available, and picking the right color is important to make sure it works for your needs. Other product options include –

  • Thickness. We offer sash cord as thin as 3/16’’, which is a #6 size. Our available thicknesses go up to a robust ½’’, which is a #16 size. As you would expect, as the thickness of the cord goes up, so too does the strength of the line. 
  • Length of cord. There are two length options in the sash cord collection we have at SEACO – you can order 100-foot hanks, which come in a pack of 12, or you can order a 1,200-foot spool. 

Only Trust the Best

Whether you are ordering sash cord or any other type of rope product, be sure to work with a trusted and experienced dealer like SEACO. Buying low-quality products can be a waste of money and may even put you or others in danger. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about sash cord and its many uses, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.