What is a Bull Rope and How Does It Work?

One of the biggest keys to picking a rope for any project is finding a product that has the right performance characteristics for your needs. There is no one “best” rope available on the market, but rather there are many kinds of good ropes that can be used for various applications. Matching the rope to the job at hand is something that takes knowledge and experience, and SEACO will always be glad to help you make the right choice. 

When toughness and durability are high on your list of needs, bull rope may be the answer. In this article, we’ll talk about what bull rope is, how it manages to perform so well in tough conditions, and what kinds of applications are a good fit for this product. 

Whether you need to order bull rope or any other type of rope, cord, or twine, reaching out to SEACO should be your first step. 

The Two-Layer Difference

There are a few different types of materials that are commonly used in rope construction, including cotton, hemp, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, and more. On their own, any of those options can make for a great rope, although the rope will need to be paired properly with the right task and conditions for it to thrive. However, when trying to create a particularly strong, versatile, and capable product, rope manufacturers often choose to use multiple materials within the same line. 

That’s the case with bull rope. This type of rope uses a combination of a nylon core and a polyester outer layer to give you plenty of performance advantages. Also, bull rope is typically coated in urethane, bringing even more positive characteristics to the product. Instead of having to choose between the benefits of polyester rope and the benefits of nylon rope, you can have both in a single package and handle many types of jobs. 

Why Choose Bull Rope?

We’ve explained that it is the two-layer design of bull rope that allows it to offer so many benefits in a single package. But what are those benefits? The list below touches on some of the highlights –

  • Tough exterior. If you plan to use your ropes in a rough, rugged environment, consider bull rope to make sure the exterior of the line can deal with the conditions that it will face. Between the polyester cover and the urethane coating that is added to that cover, this is a rope that can take a lot of abuse. Where other ropes may quickly fray and lose strength, bull rope can deal with abrasive surfaces while continuing to provide reliable performance. 
  • Able to splice. In many applications where rope is used, those ropes will need to be spliced into various lengths and connected properly to get the job done. Not all ropes have this ability, but bull rope does, as long as you have the right techniques and equipment. 
  • Deal with shock. For settings where a rope is likely to deal with shocks, you need to use a rope that can absorb that shock properly without risk of breakage or transferring that shock to the load that is being handled. 
  • Suitable for outdoor use. With a polyester cover, bull rope is capable of working outside in various conditions without degrading prematurely. Not only can wet conditions be difficult for some types of rope, but so too are strong UV rays from the sun which wear down a rope that is used outside day after day. Picking bull rope over some of the other options on the market will put you in a good position for regular outdoor use. 

An Ideal Application

Now that you are familiar with what bull rope offers, you can probably understand that it is a great pick for many tasks. One task, however, stands out as an ideal match for bull rope – rigging. For arborists who need trustworthy rigging rope, for example, bull rope is a great place to turn. The characteristics we discussed above, like abrasion resistance, shock absorption, and more, are all ideal for the challenges faced when using rigging rope. 

Only Order from the Best

Picking the right type of rope for the job at hand is important, but so too is ordering from the right company. When you work with SEACO, you’ll get competitive prices, of course, but you’ll also enjoy outstanding products that are held to the highest standards. Place your order today or contact our team for more information.