What Are the 3 Types of Adjustable Rope Slings?

When heavy lifting is on the agenda, adjustable rope slings are often called in for the job. A quality sling provides the ability to lift extremely heavy loads in a safe manner. Not only does a sling need to provide the strength required to lift the load with some margin to spare, but it also needs to control the load and keep it balanced throughout the lift. 

With such an important job to do, it’s not surprising there are many types of slings on the market today. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing – you’ll need to find the best sling for each application or project. This article will introduce three different types of adjustable rope slings, so you can get a feel for what’s available. For help finding precisely the right product for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at SEACO for assistance. We offer adjustable rope slings from Yale Cordage[1]  and web and round slings from All Material Handling[2] .

Single Leg Rope Slings

To get started, we’ll talk about what is likely the simplest form of rope sling. As the name indicates, there is just one line running down toward the object you would like to lift with this style of sling. Despite the simplicity and single-line design, there is plenty of strength to be had with this design – as long as you select a model made from a strong, durable rope. 

Within the single leg category, there are plenty of different types of slings, including the following –

  • Eye and eye. You’ll often see this one for simple applications, and it is one of the most frequently used styles of single leg slings. There is a loop on opposite ends of the line, making it easy to connect the rope quickly for various lifting tasks. 
  • Eye and hook. This option has the same eye on one end of the line as our first example, but the other end features a built-in hook rather than another eye. This design can save time and is useful in many industrial settings. 
  • Eye and thimble. Again here, we see that same eye loop design on the top end of the sling, but it is opposed in this case by a metal thimble that forms a reinforced eye on the other end. 

This list highlights just some of the many types of single leg rope slings created for specific industrial purposes. Of course, it’s always possible to have a custom sling manufactured if none of the existing choices on the market are suitable for your project. 

Two Leg Rope Slings

Going up to a higher level, we find two leg rope slings. The general design of the sling is not changed much from the single sling version, except for a second line. That second line can make all the difference, however, in terms of both lifting capacity and stability. By securing both ends of a load when lifting it, for example, it’s far less likely the load will get out of control and become dangerous in the air. It’s common to use hooks on the ends of a two leg rope sling, but many other options are available. 

Four Leg Rope Sling

Finally, we get to a four leg rope sling, which is going to deliver significantly more control and strength than the one- or two-leg options. With four leg slings, it’s possible to control large loads and lift them from all four corners at the same time. It’s common for these types of slings to handle multiple tons of weight without being unduly stressed. 

Even if a two leg sling is rated with sufficient strength to handle a load, it may be practical to use the four leg option for control and balance purposes. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have enough capacity to make a lift if you can’t keep the load under control throughout. 

SEACO’s Adjustable Rope Slings

In a busy industrial setting, it’s worthwhile to have many adjustable rope slings of various configurations on hand, so the right tool is always available to do the job safely. We stock various premium brands here at SEACO Industries to choose between who have exceptional synthetic cable and rope technology. Adjustable sling material options from Yale Cordage include Ultrex UHMWPE, Double Esterlon, Yalex, Vectrus, PolyPlus and Optimus. Which range in options below:

  • Eye/Eye Slings
  • Endless Slings
  • Single Leg Adjustable Slings
  • Double Leg Adjustable Slings
  • 4-Leg Adjustable Slings
  • Optimus Slings

And Webbing and round slings from All Material Handling[3]  who offer:

  • Eye/Eye Web Slings
  • Endless Web Slings
  • Double Jacket Round Slings

Order Your Rope Sling from SEACO Today

While it’s important to get the right type of sling for your project, it’s just as important to order a quality product from a trusted supplier. After all, if the quality of your rope sling is in question, it won’t matter if you picked the right style – you’ll still be putting people at risk. Order from SEACO to ensure that you’ll receive a rope sling that stands up to the highest of quality expectations. Thank you for visiting!

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