Sisal Rope for Crafts

Sisal rope is one of the most popular options for crafters who are looking to bring a natural element into their projects. With a beautifully classic rope appearance and sufficient strength for most craft applications, it’s easy to understand the popularity of sisal rope for crafts. 

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Sisal Rope for Home & Craft Stores

What is it about sisal rope that makes it such a popular pick in the crafting community or for home decor? After all, there are plenty of different types of ropes to pick from on the market today, yet many come back time and again to this traditional option. Here are some of the many reasons that crafters just can’t get enough sisal rope –

  • It’s natural. One of the leading attributes of sisal rope is that it is a natural material, rather than a synthetic fiber. That means it’s appropriate for use in many applications where you wouldn’t want to put synthetic fibers into action. Make no mistake – synthetic ropes are highly useful for a wide variety of applications, and we have many of them available here at SEACO. But when a natural fiber is called for, such as in many crafting projects, sisal is an outstanding option. 
  • A great look. Many craft projects are created with a specific aesthetic in mind, and sisal rope often fits the bill. Sisal rope is loved for crafting projects because it looks like what you may picture as “traditional” – it has the light tan color and texture that is commonly associated with a classic rope. When the crafters that shop with you are looking for the right rope to complete their project, it will likely be sisal that is on their shopping list.
  • Tough material. In some craft applications, the sisal rope you sell to your customers will only serve as a decorative element. That’s not always going to be the case, however. In other instances, the rope might be required to play an integral part in holding the project or piece together, and sisal can deliver on that demand, as well. This is a tough material that feels stiff and has plenty of strength – especially when compared to some other natural fiber ropes. 

Various Types of Sisal Rope Projects

It might help in your marketing efforts to understand what crafters are likely to make with the sisal rope that they purchase from a store, or what a home made goods store could sell using this rope. With that in mind, the list below is going to highlight some of the many types of projects that can be created with this versatile type of cordage. 

  • Baskets. A beautiful rope basket can play a variety of roles in a home, or as a decoration in a commercial space. Not only are these fun projects, but crafters who like to sell their work may also use baskets as one of the types of items they create with the intention of selling them at fairs, festivals, and more. 
  • Placemat. Another great way to utilize sisal rope is as a placemat. This would typically be done with a narrower version of the rope, as it can be organized into a spiral pattern that is glued together to hold its form. When going for a rustic décor, this is the type of piece that can help bring a design together while adding a bit of handmade charm. 
  • Framing. Some DIYers will be particularly creative when using their sisal rope and they may decide to create a frame out of it for a mirror or picture. This is another way to incorporate the charming appeal of natural sisal rope into an interior design. 

Buy Sisal Rope for Crafts Today

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