Sisal Rope for Agriculture

When you shop for rope, you have a rich selection of both natural and synthetic options to consider. While synthetics can be appealing for many of their performance advantages – like impressive strength and the ability to deal with elements – there are certain tasks that demand a natural approach. 

Sisal rope is an excellent natural fiber rope that is an outstanding pick for agricultural tasks and biodegradable. In this article, we’d like to highlight some of the many reasons companies keep a good stock of our sisal rope for agricultural purposes. 

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Why Sisal Rope for Agriculture?

Buying rope is a task that requires you to take a big-picture view of what you are trying to accomplish. Each type of rope comes with its own list of strengths and weaknesses, so you need to match those up with the work you plan to do in order to pick a winner. Even if there isn’t a rope on the market that has every single characteristic you would like to find, getting as close as possible is crucial. 

With agricultural tasks, you can look at what sisal rope offers and see how there is a nice overlap between the features you need and the characteristics this rope provides. Consider the following points as a good place to start –

  • It’s all-natural. This is an important point when talking about agricultural work. Sisal rope is made with natural fibers, and it is not oiled, meaning it is great for working with and around animals. Even if some of the synthetic ropes available on the market have most of the performance features that you need, sisal’s all-natural construction makes it a better pick. 
  • It’s strong. There are plenty of agricultural uses for rope that require ample strength to get the job done safely. While not as strong as some synthetics, sisal is quite strong in its own right – especially when chosen in a thicker version, such as ½’’. Be sure to compare the strength rating for any rope you plan to order with the demands that you will be placing on that rope once it arrives. 
  • Reasonable price. The margins you have to work with on an agricultural property tend to be pretty thin, so saving money wherever you can is always an important factor. When you order good sisal rope from a trusted name like SEACO, you’ll get a quality product that can serve you well throughout the year without blowing through the rest of your budget. 
  • Biodegradable. Our sisal rope can be broken down (decomposed) biologically (with or without oxygen) while being assimilated into the natural environment. There is no environmental impact caused by the technique so you can use our sisal rope and stay green.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Once you have plenty of sisal rope on hand at your property and ready to be pressed into duty, you’ll have a reliable rope that can serve countless purposes. The ways you choose your sisal rope will depend on what you need to get done, but some of the likely options include those listed below –

  • Handling livestock. Ropes are almost always required to work safely with livestock, and it’s hard to think of a better rope for the task than our sisal rope. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are using a natural product, while you’ll also have the benefit of easily being able to tie up knots in a hurry. 
  • Tying up bundles. If you need to package up anything on your property, either for sale or for storage, sisal is a good option. Again, it’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about contamination issues, and the rough texture of the rope will allow it to stay bundled tight until it is untied or cut apart. 
  • Creating a barrier. It’s also possible to use sisal rope to mark off a specific area or create an informal boundary between two parts of your property. Of course, you shouldn’t be using this kind of barrier to play a significant role, like controlling the movement of animals, but it can work to create separate sections on your land without erecting a formal fence or something more expensive. To use this method, just drive a few stakes into the ground, run the rope between those stakes, and tie it off tightly.

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