Ordering Bulk Paracord

Finding paracord in large quantities from a supplier who provides reasonable pricing, high quality, and exceptional customer service isn’t easy. Which is why SEACO Rope is the ideal place to buy if you require large amounts of bulk paracord and want to pay the best price possible without compromising on quality. To learn more about purchasing bulk paracord, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team immediately.

Our Paracord in Bulk

Paracord gets its name from its origin as a support line for parachutes. It is also referred to as “survival cord.” Today, it has a wide variety of uses.

Paracord is very strong, as you would expect given its original purpose. The 100% nylon paracord we offer has a 550 pound strength rating and is known for its durability. It can be reused many times without deterioration. 

Paracord also has enough elasticity to serve you well in applications where a little “give” is desired. 

Paracord feels smoother to the hand than many other cord products, which makes it more comfortable to work with for long periods. 

Paracord’s strength, flexibility, and durability make a good choice for many applications:

  • People who are into camping and outdoor adventures know not to travel without paracord. It comes in handy when hunting, fishing, biking, or wilderness camping. In some scenarios, it can be a lifesaver.
  • Paracord is very strong for its weight, which makes it great for general tie-down purposes. Just ask any backpacker.
  • People who are into crafting use paracord for all sorts of creative projects, from bracelets to dreamcatchers. The large color palette supports artistic expression.

Why Order in Bulk?

There are several solid reasons to purchase in bulk, such as:

Operational Efficiency

Whether you buy paracord for personal or professional use, whatever time or money you save by buying in bulk frees up resources that can be used more effectively. We can help to support your business growth when you order bulk rope. 

Cost Efficiency

Purchasing more items at once for the best price per unit is known as bulk buying. By doing this, you’ll pay less per unit than you would if you were to purchase a smaller quantity. Economy of scale is a basic financial concept: price-per-unit decreases as the purchase quantity increases. That’s why you’ll pay less for 1,000 feet of paracord than you would for 100 feet. 

With higher production, we spread our costs across a larger number of units, which lowers our internal cost per unit. We then pass that savings on to our customers who buy in bulk.  


When you buy products like paracord in bulk, you gain a little more control over your own time. You don’t have to worry about a lack of product slowing down a project. Also, not having to order often saves you time by reducing how long you wait for deliveries to arrive, but also, how many times you have to process the rope product that does arrive. 

Environmentally Sound

Buying paracord in bulk is a good way to help protect the environment, as fewer packaging materials will end up in the waste stream with fewer deliveries. Furthermore, less fuel will be expended, reducing the carbon emitted into the atmosphere. 

Buy Paracord in Bulk Today

SEACO offers bulk quantities of paracord with a weight capacity of 550 pounds. Paracord comes in one diameter— 5/32.” It is then packaged in 50-foot hanks of spools of 500 or 1,000 feet. 

Paracord comes in various colors: black, white, yellow, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, olive drab, multi camo, and Khaki.

Order your bulk paracord today and save with SEACO!